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Metallic Brass Curtain Poles

Give your curtains a finishing touch with a stylish curtain pole. Our poles come in various designs, colours and sizes to suit any window and compliment any curtain
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Ball 28mm Curtain Pole Bright Brass
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Our metallic brass curtain poles add sumptuous elegance to your décor. Brass has always been a favourite for décor. In earlier times, owning a brass bed was a sign you were truly wealthy. It’s easy to understand why this metal has always been popular. It has many of the same shimmering qualities as gold and some brass is almost the same colour. There are a number of different shades of brass, with some having more yellow undertones and others almost none or a pinkish undertone.

You’ll love how the brass accents a wide range of colours. Brass can be a wonderful colour to add to a cooler room, such as one with shades varying from deep blue to navy. It helps warm the room, making it more welcoming. You’ll also love using our metallic brass collared poles to accent warm colours as well, such as rich red sienna, red umber, ochre and even maroon. You’ll love it with neutral shades. In fact, it looks stunning with taupe or wood grain.

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