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Eyelet Roller Blinds

See our range of great ready made roller blinds, with up to 20% off the recommended retail price.
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There is something that is uniquely charming about eyelets, and our stunning range of eyelet roller blinds are no exception. Instead of the circle shaped eyelet that you may be used to, they offer a square shaped eyelet at the bottom of these blinds, which gives them a bit of a contemporary feel and look. Our eyelet roller blinds bring together a combination of contemporary and classic décor, making them perfect for either style of home décor you may have in your home.

Several stunning colours are available to choose from when you decide to purchase eyelet roller blinds. Offering a classic and sophisticated in black, charming in silver and white, brilliant in tanga red, and white and blue are lovely classic colours which suit all styles of homes.

Our eyelet roller blinds offer outstanding value for money allowing you to get affordable elegance. They'll fit well into a country kitchen, an elegant bathroom, or even a modern bedroom or living area. With the great colours, there is no end to the things you can do with these blinds in your home and the eyelet features offers a unique shape and texture that compliments many styles of décor perfectly.

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