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White 35mm Curtain Poles

Give your curtains a finishing touch with a stylish curtain pole. Our poles come in various designs, colours and sizes to suit any window and compliment any curtain
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35mm Romantica Wood Pole Ball Finial Panna Cotta
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FROM £58.99
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35mm Urn Romantica Wood Pole Urn Finial Panna Cotta
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FROM £58.99
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Morocco 35mm Curtain Poles Driftwood
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FROM £99.80
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Our white 35mm curtain poles are stunning in almost any décor. We carry a wide selection of different styles in our collection of poles. You’ll find something for every decorating motif. The finials play the most dramatic role in deciding the style the poles enhance the best and many of them are versatile enough to fit into a wide variety of motifs, both formal and informal. You’ll find everything from simple designs that ooze demure elegance to intricate ones that mix materials and shapes.

Finding the right size of pole isn’t a problem if you’re simply looking for the length, but the diameter also plays an important role. If you don’t have the correct diameter, the pole can either look too big and out of place or to narrow and flimsy, spoiling the final effect you hoped to achieve. The correct diameter is subjective and a matter of perspective. The higher you place the pole, the further away from eye level it is and the smaller it looks. Large windows and rooms dwarf the size of the pole, as do tall ceilings. The 35mm width is wide enough to be suitable for a larger than average room or taller window.

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