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I've seen a rug I like, but I'm not sure where to put it in my home

Ah it happens doesn’t it? You’re browsing online and there it is, that gorgeous rug that calls to you. You can’t resist it but where will it fit in your home?

The answer is very dependent on what you have in your home already and what sort of rug it is that has caught your eye. Some rugs lend themselves to almost any room in the house and won’t look out of place no matter where they are placed, whilst others are very definitely meant for a specific place in the home, like a hearth rug or a bathroom mat.

Expensive statement rugs

If the rug you have seen is a statement rug then you should put it in a place where it gives the most impact, such as the lounge or dining room. If it is very expensive then you should consider a place where it will not be overly exposed to damaging sunlight as this will cause it to fade and discolour.

Quite often people overlook the bedroom as a good place to put a stunning rug as they consider that ‘no one will see it.’ Well, you will see it pretty much every day and as it is you that liked it and bought it then that makes good sense, why not give yourself the pleasure of seeing and walking on your rug? Never mind what anyone else thinks, if the rug gives you pleasure then you have to place it in a room you walk into everyday!

Hard wearing rugs

If your rug is a hard wearing design then a hallway or porch might be a good place, as these areas are ones of heavy footfall and need a rug that can take more wear and tear that normal. Likewise, perhaps a playroom or child’s bedroom where spills and dirt are probably more likely to happen. In these areas you will need a rug that can stand up to considerable use and perhaps considerable cleaning.

The colour of the rug

Another thing to consider obviously is the colour of your rug. If your room is predominantly one colour then perhaps the new rug might not fit in, and unless you want to re decorate the whole room perhaps the rug should go elsewhere. That said a new rug can uplift an old décor without the need for a total revamp of the room, and a clashing or vibrant colour can sometimes give an interesting twist to your colour scheme.

Remember that if this rug has caught your eye then it probably means that it will fit in with your décor somewhere. This is because subconsciously we all have preferential colours, styles and patterns for our home accessories, and if this rug appealed to you then it probably matches or compliments a lot of the other items already in your home.

Rugs are versatile accessories, they have the ability to change the look of a room instantly, they add texture, pattern and style, along with warm comfort underfoot. So, if you see a rug that you really love, buy it, you'll find a place for it somewhere in your home!

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