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If you’re as passionate about fabric as I am, then this is one part of the week you’ll really look forward to.

With a plethora of fabrics available on-line these days, it’s sometimes hard to know where to start and what to choose. Each week, I scour our massive selection of fabrics to pick out the latest colours, trends and designs, and a complementary range of coordinating products to give you the ideas and inspiration that you're looking for.

Can’t wait to send you another great choice next week.

Adele on-trend by Adele Shotton-Pugh
Fabric of the week

only £10.49 per metre

Charnwood Curtain Fabric Mimosa

Much underused in interior design but often a winning combination, is yellow and black or yellow and grey.

The dark strength of black against the vibrant energy of yellow often results in a pleasing balance with a dramatic contrast.

Charnwood is an energetic circle motif where a contemporary twist has been used on what is essentially a folk art style pattern.

Use this as a main fabric for bold floor length curtains and tame it with checks, stripes or smaller, more detailed prints for a co-ordinated look.

If you’re cautious about such colours then keep your scheme fairly neutral and just add accents in the form of rugs, lamps, cushions etc.

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