The evenings are drawing in and the poor excuse for a summer that we've not had is drawing to a close (not that we'll notice any difference really) and Autumn and Winter are fast approaching.

Autumn Falls upon us...

Purple shades of Purple

The key themes, trends, and styles this coming season for an OnTrend look are Opulence, Winter Florals, Oriental, Geometrics, Leather and Fur - but prominent in all of these and top of the colour chart this season is... 'Shades of Purple', not... 'Shades of Grey' (although that has been quite topical recently!)... Shades of Purple

Most of us stereotypically associate Autumn with cosy, comforting colours such as warm oranges and reds or spicy cinnamon and nutmeg shades. And rightly enough, orange is taking its place in the seasons colour trends, but in more subdued and subtle shades of the more vivid, acid-y tones that have been prominent throughout the Summer. Red, well red always finds its place on the cold run up to the Winter season and Christmas in particular.

Another of the main colours for autumn is blue, particularly in shades of cobalt and dark blue. But the 'trend-leader' if you like, for interiors this Autumn, is most definitely purple - in every shade, hue, tone, and depth you can imagine. Some of the new purple palettes are warm, opulent and even seductive, but fresher, lighter, more playful palettes have not been overlooked either. Colours range from deep aubergine purples, pinkish mauves, maroons and teaberry shades to vivid violet, magenta, delicate lilacs and lavenders.

There really is something for everyone.

So, if you have yourself pigeon-holed as one of those people that ... 'doesn't do purple' ... then prepare to be converted - just like me.


Purple is often considered to be a bright, brash, childish, colour, reserved predominantly for children's rooms and clothing; and yes...I have to admit that, even as a designer, who will work within whatever colour scheme a client favours (within reason), I have never been a 'fan' of purple for interiors. Personally I would never have wanted to fill a room with it - believing that - less is more with such a strong colour and preferring to add just a few stabs of it with a statement piece or two ...until now!

The new seasons' palettes have completely reversed my opinion and I am now convinced that purple is very much under-used in our interior colour schemes. You can go all out with big purple statements, or take a more subtle approach with your favourite and carefully selected purple pieces dotted around the home.

Whichever your preference, purple has reached maturity in a very grown up way and has rightly claimed its new found place in our homes.

Psychology of colour...


...the science behind Purple

One of the things that I have always found fascinating as a designer is the psychology of colour. This is basically the science behind the relevant qualities or emotions that our chosen colours can bring, not only to our interiors, but to our lives; the effect they have on our general state of well-being; and the things we associate them with.

Colour psychologists would advocate that you should have a proper balance of all the 'main' colours in your life. The colours that affect your emotions and well being are blue, red, green, yellow, and purple. They believe that colours vibrate different types of energy around you, such as serenity, courage, creativity, etc. and that it therefore follows that missing colours can be missing joys or chances.

So... here's the science bit - let's take a quick look at the qualities and properties of purple to see if I can convince you to love it too:

The dictionary definition of purple is... a range of hues of colour occurring between red and blue on the colour spectrum. It occurs by mixing the primary colours red and blue together in varying proportions.

In artistic and designer terms... purple is the colour that sits between violet and magenta on the colour spectrum

In human colour psychology... purple's richness and vibrance has long since made it a colour associated with royalty, nobility, opulence and importance (stemming from classical antiquity when Tyrian Purple was only affordable to the elites).


The colour of good judgment, purple is the colour of people seeking spiritual fulfilment and is associated (particularly as a gemstone), with mysticism and purification as well as royalty and is often used to symbolise magic and mystery.

Mystical or spiritual qualities - Put some purple in your life when you want:

  • to use your imagination to its fullest
  • to re-balance your life
  • to remove obstacles
  • to calm over activity or to energize from depression

Purple is a good colour to use in meditation as it is believed that surrounding yourself with purple brings peace of mind. Pure violet is said to be the colour of purpose and is associated with imagination and inspiration. This makes it a good colour for the home office, homework and study areas or any areas involving creativity.

Because it is a combination of the warmest and coolest colours - red and blue (red is focusing and dynamic with an active energy, while blue is cooling, calming and expansive) - purple is believed to be the 'ideal' colour.

Most children love the colour purple and it is the colour most favoured by artists. In some cultures and beliefs, purple is Thursday's colour.

Useless but interesting fact... like the colours orange and silver, purple has no common word that rhymes with it.

Album of Purple Perfection


Purple works well with more colours than you think - even some unexpected ones. We have traditionally tended to coordinate it with pale pinks, white or cream. Probably because many of us have been apprehensive about using a strong colour like purple with other darker or rich tones for fear of colour overload or colour clashes. The tendency is to use white and cream to 'tame' the strength of purple. But the new mature palette of purples is working in a glamorous way with lovely hues such as taupe, chocolate, darkest brown, black, grey, gold, yellow and apple, lime and olive greens, to mention just a few. Clever and educated combinations of these colours with purple offer and endless combination of feminine and masculine - yes purple really is for men too! - colour schemes for everything from kitchens to bedrooms to bathrooms.

During my research for this feature I have, as always, taken my inspiration and direction from some of the leading authorities on interiors, design and colour. I have come across some amazing and breathtaking interiors that demonstrate some of the best uses of purple I have ever seen, so before we look at how Terrys can help you get this current, in vogue and On-Trend Autumn look (and obviously without the designer price tag!) I thought I would first share some of the inspiration that has inspired this feature with you. I have therefore, compiled - for all those purple doubting Thomas's out there - an 'Album of Inspirational Purple Perfection', to get some fellow converts onto the purple band wagon. Even if you're not up for a re-vamp this season it's well worth a look at what's possible when capable designers are let loose with a new season's colour palette. Enjoy!...and then look at our Autumn range of Curtains, Bedding and accessories to help you to... get your look for less! From retro to regent, our stunning selection of autumn fabrics, curtains and accessories has something for everyone.

p.s. if there isn't enough inspiration for you here, simply search for images of purple interiors on your favourite search engine and see what you get. You'll be amazed how popular and versatile purple is!

Imagery sourced from houzz

Be Inspired
Album of Inspirational Purple Perfection  

Imagery sourced from aapartmenttherapy, uktvassets, thelennoxx, stylishhomes and houzz

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So... what are you waiting for?

The season is short, read on to make the most of it and get inspired for Autumn and Winter.

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