Spring Feature

After a remarkably mild winter which has ended with several, generous, coverings of white - we are leaping into Spring with a burst of colour!

I love Spring, it’s my favourite time of year. The appearance of tiny snow drops pushing through the recently thawed ground, small buds sprouting from green shoots and branches, and the sound of morning bird song, all fill me with hope and anticipation.

To me Spring represents new beginnings, fresh starts and renewed resolutions; all of which are symbolised by these simple little signs of nature.

We emerge from the often dark and dull days of winter into the light and airy mornings of Spring. We shed heavy coats, gloves and scarves in favour of lighter, more cheerful, apparel, as we willingly welcome the warmer, brighter, days of Spring into our lives.

It’s a proven fact that weather affects our well-being, general state of mind and mood swings. The lack of regular sunshine throughout the winter months can leave us all feeling jaded and lack-lustre; but as the more vibrant days of Spring and Summer approach, we find ourselves enjoying a much needed burst of renewed energy and enthusiasm.

If it is then that our surroundings affect our status quo, should we not then take control and ensure that we surround ourselves with things that make us feel better?

Obviously we can’t control the weather! But we can shape and colour our environments, in particular our interiors. In today’s busy lifestyles, our homes are often our sanctuaries. Here and here alone, we can relax, be ourselves, express ourselves and be completely comfortable in our own skins. We can lighten, freshen and revitalise the spaces we live in, in a way that will lift our spirits and give us a brighter outlook from within, with simple decorating and furnishing changes.

Simple Spring Spruce-Ups Read More

Colour Trends

We currently live in a world of social networks and on-line forums. The majority of us feast on an electronic, digital world on a daily basis and sometimes to digest it we need to step back and switch off.

This Spring’s colour schemes are all about balance. Balance of colour and balancing our electronic lives from on screen to switched off. Designers and leading colour authorities have therefore been mindful of our desire for self-expression, life-balance and the need to re-energize and break away from the stresses and strains of our increasingly frantic everyday lives.

The colour palettes emerging this Spring embrace and reflect these needs and see a complementary mix of dynamic brights and darks with calming neutrals and dusky earth colours. The palette allows unique and versatile combinations from which this all important ‘harmonious balance’ can be created.

On the catwalks too, fashion looks to strike the right balance between light and bright, classic and new and a similar colour palette empathises with the need to balance self-expression with functionality, individuality and excitement.

So... what colours are we looking at? What’s hot and what’s not? Below you'll see a quick colourchart that will sum up nicely.

But if you do need an explanation then here it is....

The top row of the image are the muted dusky colours that provide the calming, and grounded side of the colour palette and the bottom row the bright pops of cheerful colour being used to add energy and vitality to our fashions and interiors. The palette is clever and sophisticated, as ‘balance’ can be achieved by putting a combination of the dusky colours together, a couple of the brights together or, for the very best results, a dusky, preferably earthy, shade used as a base colour with accents of one or more of these brights.

The multi-various shades of purple from the autumn colour palette fade into pale, muted, dusky shades of the hue that are working wonderfully well with equally as dusky shades of pinks, taupes and greys.

Mid-range blues featured prominently last summer, stayed the course throughout the winter and emerge, slightly deeper and tinged with purple, into the current Spring. The shade is rich and warm, and sits somewhere between royal blue, French navy and indigo on the colour spectrum.

Good examples are shades such as Pantone’s aptly named Monaco Blue, and Dulux’s colour of the year Indigo Night. This classy shade is as easy to incorporate into interior decor as it is to wear. Flattering to most skin tones and a colour associated with early evening skies, serenity, luxury, open space and meditation, this colour is appealing and versatile and we can expect to see it featuring strongly in home decor and fashion throughout the season.

Some images sourced from Google Image search.

For interiors, use it with white for a fresh, crisp, nautical look and with off whites and ivories for the French colonial look. Pale putty, taupe and beige shades (from the dusky palette) absorb this blue beautifully and create a colour balance that never fails to produce elegant, sophisticated schemes.

I love Dulux’s descriptive quote of this hue as they sum it up beautifully...

“Indigo has a purplish edge giving it a soothing, honest and relaxing feel which is easier to live with than more green based hues making it feel warmer in our cool northern light. As a paint colour Indigo adds a surprising, elegant strength and shows you are quietly confident with colour. A rising star in interiors, Indigo is a striking statement colour associated with wisdom and honesty which really enhances your environment. Like the dreamy ocean landscapes hidden from everyone but deep sea divers, this colour gives us a sense of tranquillity and stability which is very restful for a bedroom setting. Indigo Night is the perfect colour of the year for 2013. Gutsy, strong and velvety, this beautiful shade of blue lends itself to every aspect of living both inside and out. It looks as stunning on walls as it does in furniture and accessories. Team with white, warm greys, contrasting rich burnt orange and warm tones of natural wood.”

The prevalence of green during any spring season is usually abundantly evident, but this spring in particular it is undeniable. Green is a colour that occurs naturally (thanks to Mother Nature herself) in our surroundings and effortlessly acts as the perfect backdrop against many other colours.

This season green is very much in the foreground too though. Every shade and hue starting from the brightest and freshest of yellow greens like chartreuse and lime, which we associate with the first tender shoots of Spring, through to greyish sage and jade greens which induce quiet reflection and calm repose and on to the intense, lively and radiant green, hotly tipped to be the ‘Colour of the Year’.... Emerald!

Some images sourced from Google Image search.

All three of these in vogue greens can be used together in clever combination, as they are in nature, but lovely results can be achieved by combining them with crisp white or stoney greys and beiges (again from the dusky palette) or by creating strong contrasts and interesting combinations with some of the brights from the new Spring palette.

Some images sourced from Re-do it Design.

Take care with the Emerald though – it is after all a precious gem! ...and it should be used sparingly and treated with respect- certainly where interiors are concerned.

Last year it kept popping up on runways and catwalks and season on season we find that where fashion goes, interior decor soon follows, so expect to see heaps of it filtering in to fashion, interiors and home accessories too.

Green is the most abundant hue in nature and whilst it is associated with harmony, growth, vitality, renewal and rejuvenation – all important elements in today’s complex lifestyles - Emerald is a particularly powerful green. Strong and vibrant, this jewel-tone exudes sophistication and luxury but can be overpowering as a block colour for interior decoration.

Use it in moderation as an accent colour to punctuate and enliven crisp white schemes. Again, pale greys, stoney taupes and putty colours, all make perfect backdrops against which to use this energetic colour for accessorizing; and if you want a colour robust enough to stand up to emerald, look no further than the new season’s blue – but again exercise moderation. Punctuate an essentially white or light grey or beige scheme with cushions, vases, rugs or lamp bases. Accessorising in this way is not only successful and effective, but easily changeable with the arrival of new season’s trends.

Some images sourced from HGTV and Houzz.

To see how effective combining some of the new season’s colours can be, take a look at the ‘Fabric Collections’ and related product I have show cased below, to see how it all works together.

Fabric Collections

What is a fabric collection?

A fabric ‘collection’ is a range of patterned fabrics in complementary or contrasting colours which have been specifically designed to go together by a textile designer. A collection usually consists of 3 to five patterned designs and a plain. More often than not there is a ‘main’ design which is usually the biggest or most bold design and in addition to this will be smaller variation of the main design and spots or stripes which mix and match together. The concept will have been thought out at the start of the initial design process, to save us, as the consumers, searching round for matching and co-ordinating fabrics to create and interesting, varied and balanced furnishing scheme which colour match perfectly. Fabrics are usually manufactured in suitable weights for blinds, curtains, cushions and upholstery.

How do you use a fabric collection?

The norm is to select the main design as your feature fabric. This is often used as full length curtains to showcase the largest design. A second fabric may be used for blinds to create a layered look behind the curtains ( or on windows where it is not possible to install curtains)and add interest and texture. This second fabric along with a third choice can then be used for accent pieces such as cushions, runners, chair seat pads or occasional furniture etc., to complete the co-ordinated look. The careful addition of a plain usually helps to prevent the scheme from being too ‘busy’.

Impressions is a collection of contemporary, retro style printed fabrics. There are 4 patterns, each featuring muted shades of Blue, Taupe and Grey, which are enlivened with stylised floral and geometric designs in pops of lime, chartreuse, blue and aqua.

Where was the designer coming from with this collection? An Impression is the overall effect of something and the designer here has tried to create the overall impression of a vintage, retro style. The term retro is usually used as a reference to a culturally outdated or aged style, trend, mode, or fashion, generally implying a vintage of at least 15 or 20 years; and whilst this collection offers a subtle nod to the 1950's, the patterns themselves remain very usable, both individually or coordinated and create a warm and lively space.

Fanfare Smoke

Prism Smoke

Quadrille Smoke

Energy Smoke

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Curtains, Bedding and Homewares in this Colour Collection

Plain Ring Top Voile Teal

This striking shimmering teal voile curtain will add colour and contrast to your home and will let light pass through its delicate sheer material, this handy voile drape will also add privacy to your home so you get the best of both worlds.

Plain Ring Top Voile Lime

If you are looking for an easy and affordable way to add a touch of spring sunshine to your home then look no further than our range of readymade voile curtains. This bright and striking lime is sure to brighten up any room by allowing light to travel through its sheer fabric truly brightening up your home.

Carnation Voile Curtain Panel Aqua

The carnation voile panel aqua adds a touch of luxury to every window because of its delicate and gentle floral pattern. It will also add colour and style to your living room while letting in light efficiently.

Plain Edge Roller Blind Silver

A classic plain edge roller blind made with high quality fabric which is available in a variety of colours. This roller blind has an aluminium tube and a quality sidewinder.

Poppy Printed Duvet Cover Teal

Poppy features an eye catching printed poppy pattern perfect for adding a modern touch to a room space. Matching pillow cases are also included displaying the same floral pattern. This means you can create a lovely looking bedding set at a budget price.

Brooklyn Ready Made Eyelet Lined Curtains Teal

This modern styled eyelet curtain is suitable for any room where a contemporary look is required.

PEVA Shower Curtain Blue Spots Blue

If you are thinking of redecorating your bathroom then the PEVA shower curtain with blue spots could be the ideal choice for you. It features vibrant blue spots which will inject colour into your space without being too overwhelming.

Rustic Candle Blue

The Rustic Candle Blue has a matted finish that makes it look like you created in your own hearth. This beautiful blue candle emits the soft pleasant scent of white tea intermingled with the gentle fragrance of bamboo to create a subtle but elegant scent that is refreshing, but doesn't attack your senses. Instead, it provides a charming light bouquet, which is clean and refreshing without leaving an overwhelming perfumed scent.

OH! Filled Cushion Lime

The OH! Cushion cover design is clean cut and edgy and would look stunning in contemporary surroundings.

OH! Filled Cushion Teal

The chenille background of the OH! Filled Cushion Teal creates an exciting canvas for the shimmering gold O's that fill its surface. You'll love the exciting and dramatic styling of this sumptuous cushion that pleases both the visual and tactile senses and find it creates a stunning effect for almost any motif.

Coris Cushion Blue

The multi-tones of blue, mixed with the richness of avocado and set on the creamy white background makes the Coris filled cushion Blue an outstanding addition to any home. You'll love the soft feel of the chenille leaves and find yourself touching the pillow for no reason at all, except the tactile experience.

Flip Cushion Blue

The dramatic mix of delightful dots of Prussian blue, Maya, powder blue and sea foam set against the neutral ivory background will enhance your décor and bring new vigour to a room. These cool colour tones add a touch of interest to any decorating scheme without intruding on the existing décor or demanding to be the focus.

Aruba Filled Cushion Cream and Blue

The beautifully detailed Aruba Cushion is inspired by floral designs from years gone by. If you are looking to add a modern twist to a traditional style, the Aruba fileld cushion in cream and blue is perfect. Inject colour and personality into your home whilst transforming your home for less.

Laguna Filled Cushion Navy

The exciting, almost mystical rich tones of the Laguna filled cushion Navy create interest wherever you place it. These plush deep colours of the embroidered design make it an easy match for many different décors and colour schemes.

Duo Table Lamp Smokey Grey

This is the Duo Table Lamp in a Smokey Grey design. This product has a smokey grey glass base and satin chrome plinth, The lamp shade is made with a white faux silk shading.

Pebble Bath Mat Grey

The Pebbles bath rug has a composition of 100% cotton and can be washed at 40 degrees, this mat measures 50cm x 80cm in size making it the ideal size for most bathrooms or shower rooms in the home.

Madras Printed Duvet Cover Set Blue/Green

With the calming colours of pale greens and blues Madras duvet cover set Blue has a large modern checked pattern on a pale blue background. The darker oceanic blue squares give this striking duvet cover depth and character, while the yellowy-greens tone things down to create this unusual checked design.

Glide Printed Duvet Cover Teal

Glide is a striking duvet cover featuring a horizontal stripe print in fresh colours. Blue, green and white stripes run horizontally across the bedding creating a vibrant look which will add warmth to any room. The colours also create a fantasticly modern gradient appearance.

Zest is a series of cotton panama prints where flowing colours and soft outlines imbue the designs with a hand-printed appeal. A vibrant palette of berry and poppy reds, is punctuated with a pastel violet and varying shades of the season’s in vogue greens.

Where was the designer coming from with this collection? The collection is headed by a contemporary take on a Jacobean ‘tree of life’, complemented by Moorish ogees, folk-art circles, broad stripes and simple leaf motifs. Zest is one of the four human strengths that combine to make up the virtue of courage. Those who have zest exude excitement and energy, live life with a sense of anticipation and approach it as an adventure whilst also being adventurous, vivacious and energetic. This versatile and vibrant collection certainly captures that notion.

Zest Berry

Bowden Berry

Charnwood Berry

Rowan Berry

Verve Berry

Panama Lime

Panama Evergreen

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Midori Red
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Kings Road Raspberry
Alderley Lime
Santorini Summertime
Metro Sage
Imperial Amethyst

Curtains, Bedding and Homewares in this Colour Collection

Plain Ring Top Voile Red

Add some passion to your home with our striking readymade ring top curtain panels in red, perfect for spring and summer our new selection of voiles are great for adding a new look to your home for an affordable price.

Midtown Eyelet Lined Curtains Red

The vivid tones of the Midtown Eyelet Lined Curtains Red add drama to any room they adorn. You'll love the silky red material with the simple yet stunning contrasting white design. The elegance, yet dramatic statement these sumptuous curtains make indicates a far more expensive accessory.

Poppy Ready Made Lined Curtains Red

Poppy is a sumptuous ready made fully lined curtains with a striking poppy colourway that will bring life to your room. These excellent value curtains are 100% polyester and have a micro fibre lining.

Poppy Ready Made Eyelet Curtains Red

Poppy is a quality fully lined curtain featuring a stunning printed floral pattern with a silver eyelet heading giving these curtains a distinctly modern feel.

Morocco Voile Curtain Panel Red

If you want a panel that will give your windows a daring look without fully indulging in a wholly coloured panel, then this is the perfect choice for you. Featuring raspberry and cherry coloured rectangular pieces that have been integrated into the panel, great style doesn't get better than this.

Yvette Printed Duvet Cover Set Red

Yvette duvet cover set Red is a crisp and clean printed bedding design which is made up from horizontal lines of tonal colours ranging from red through to navy blue and purple to pale duck-egg, all on a beige striped background. This striking design is great for adding an injection of colour to your bedroom without being too overpowering.

Chevron Duvet Cover Set Plum

The Chevron Plum Duvet Set is perfect if you wish add a touch of sophisticated tonal colour to your bedroom, this stunning colour way which combines a mixture of plum, cream and raspberry shades on a crisp white background which is perfect for making an impact and adding statement colours to your home.

Flip Cushion Red

The mix of polka dots created by the splash of steel grey, lemon chiffon, midnight black and silver create a lively, yet sophisticated appearance. The alternating pattern keeps the eye focused on the interesting blend of colours set against the eggshell background.

London Leaf Filled Cushion Red

Nothing makes as dramatic a statement as red and the rich tones of the London Leaf Filled Cushion Red are no exception. You'll love the dramatic touch of shimmering silvery cream and tan tones of the leaves accented by the carnelian red background.

Coris Cushion Red

The beautiful orchid, scarlet red, mulberry and silver chenille leaves set on a creamy white background adds dazzle to many different types of décor and enhances many different colour schemes. Coris filled cushion Red adds both texture and delightful subtle colour additions to create an awe-inspiring appearance.

Alpine Filled Cushion Red

This brilliantly bright red cushion is the perfect addition to any home. Whether you are decorating the whole home or simply wish to refresh your home décor with some new addition, the Alpine Red is sure to add instant style to your home.

Hong Kong 2022 Rug Red/Brown

This stylish Hong Kong 2022 range comprises of thirteen eye catching floral and abstract designs available in an assortment of bright colour ways. This is the red shaded variation, a suitable rug for a warm themed room.

Metro Poly 3965 Rug Red

Of the two contemporary designs in the Metro Poly range this one adopts a leafy patterning with colour schemes that remind you of autumn.

Strand Roller Blind Tango Red

This is the Strand Roller Blind in Tango Red; this exotic product will bring a spicy warm look to any room.

Mosaic Tealight Holder Mulberry

For a dramatic and elegant look, nothing beats candlelight. The Mosaic Tealight Holder Mulberry can help you achieve that look and more. The sumptuous coloured tiles containing, mauve, mulberry, pale blue, lavender and gold tiles not only look exotically beautiful during the day, they create a magic appearance when you light the candle at night.

Rustic Candle Green

This Rustic Candle Green measures 7cm x 10cm and is the perfect size to adorn a shelf or table without being ostentatious. This beautiful finish presents an opportunity to introduce a tactile sense into the room, giving your room another dimension.

Gingham Value Seat Pad Red

Whether you have a limited or unlimited budget, the Gingham Value Seat Pad Red can bring new life to your kitchen chairs, protect new ones and breathe a touch of colour into your décor. These delightful seat pads provide your family with a far more comfortable seat than the hard wooden chair provide, while adding a splash of colour into the room or creating a cohesive look throughout the area.

Zephyr Table Lamp Red

This is the fun and funky Zephyr Lamp with a modern design. This light has a matt ceramic base complete with a faux suede shade both in striking red.

The Delamere collection is a four-strong family of prints featuring bold retro-motifs in bright colours supported by Panama plain-dyes. On a sturdy 100% cotton for curtains and blinds, Delamere also lends itself perfectly to décor-enhancing accessories like table linen and wall-art.

Where was the designer coming from with this collection? – Delamere gives its name to a large area of woodland in Cheshire, England, near the town of Frodsham - Delamere Forest Park. It includes 972 hectares (2,400 acres) of mixed deciduous and evergreen woodland. The name means "forest of the lakes". The collection certainly reflects this as the designs depict a mixture of stylised maple and cedar leaves in autumnal oranges and reds, fresh spring greens, refreshing aqua and outlines of a blackish brown bark colour. All the elements that you would normally associate with woodland have therefore been incorporated in this collection and, in addition, the Alderley design nods at the affluent and stylish area of Cheshire East – Alderley Edge.

Maple Cinnamon

Autumn Leaves Cinnamon

Alderley Cinnamon

Cedar Cinnamon

Panama Lime

Panama Marine

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Bowden Juice

Curtains, Bedding and Homewares in this Colour Collection

Tropical Stripe Ready Made Lined Eyelet Curtains Teal

Tropical Teal curtains have a coloured striped band at the top of the curtain, while the main fabric is a neutral creamy-white. The band is a mix of cool, Summer colours in dark blue, apple green, light, dark and mid-tone teal and biscuit. These striking colour combinations will add a fresh new look to your windows and patio doors.

Plain Edge Roller Blind Kiwi

This is the Plain Edge Roller Blind in Kiwi; this product is a sumptuous zingy fresh lime green and will brighten up any dull day.

Lollipop Ready Made Curtains Mango

Lollipop ready made curtains are a stunning fully lined curtain that features a vibrant mango colourway for its contemporary design. The Lollipop curtains are set on a gorgeous soft white background and display a fun and quirky floral pattern in fantastic orange, raspberry and golden yellow tones.

Slot Top Voile (Pair) Olive

Bring a touch of cheerful bright olive colour into your home with Slot Top Voile Olive curtains. The sheer voile fabric offers exceptional quality and affordability and will bring a burst of citrusy olive-lime to any room in your home.

Metropole Voile Curtain Panel Green

Luxury, affordability, and sheer beauty are the words that come to mind the first time you look at this gorgeous panel. This panel is comprised mostly of colours derived from Mother Nature and incorporates different shades of colour green to add a subtle contemporary style to your home.

Goa Shaggy Rug Green

This is a contemporary range of fashionable styled rugs which are handmade in India.

Chevron Duvet Cover Set Teal

The Chevron Teal Duvet Set is perfect if you wish add a touch of sophisticated tonal colour to your bedroom, this stunning colour way which combines a mixture of teal, green and duck egg shades on a crisp white background which is perfect for making an impact and adding statement colours to your home.

Oriental Printed Patchwork Duvet Cover Multi

This Oriental patchwork duvet cover is a mix of squares and rectangles in assorted colours with an array of floral detailing.

Tropical Stripe Ready Made Lined Eyelet Curtains Terracotta

Tropical Terracotta eyelet curtains in bright summer colour-ways have a striped band at the heading. The striped band is a mix of rich summer colours, red, yellow and orange and are combined with a plain, natural coloured bottom to the curtain.

Mini Stone Table Lamp Teal

This is the Mini Stone Table Lamp available in seven lively colourways. This light has a fun pebble-like gloss ceramic base complete with a cotton shade both in cool and tranquil teal.

Tall Stick Table Lamp Teal

This is the contemporary Tall Stick Table Lamp available in six lively colourways. This light has a polished chrome stick base with a cool yet vivid teal cotton shade.

OH! Filled Cushion Lime

The OH! Cushion cover design is clean cut and edgy and would look stunning in contemporary surroundings.

OH! Filled Cushion Orange

The OH! Cushion cover design look stunning in the bright and vibrant shade of burnt orange and gold.

Amorini Cushion Green

Amorini filled cushion Green is an abstract embroidered leaf design with neutral cream background. There are four different beautifully embroidered leaves in complimentary colours of moss green, tea green, gold and subtle pale gold which have a co-ordinating cream leaf vein and stem giving the appearance of movement and fine craftsmanship.

Amorini Cushion Spice

They say that variety is the spice of life and that's certainly true when you choose Amorini filled cushion Spice to your rooms. This bold coloured cushion has a pale cream background with four beautifully embroidered appliqué leaves in contrasting tones of spicy oranges, the leaves are linked together with a cream stem and vein to create a feeling of movement.

Fiji Table Runner Teal

You'll love the elegance the Fiji Table Runner Teal brings to your dining table. It offers a silky smooth appearance with pin tucked ruffled edging on each end showing high quality and great attention to detail. The stitching down the sides of the runner make the centre appear almost padded and again, adds the dimension of detail and quality workmanship.

Cleo Cushion Terrracotta

Cleo is a contemporary graphic-effect floral printed cushion design, fantastic for adding a fun and funky look.

Simply Seat Pads 34cm x 36cm Tangerine

As the name states, these seat pads are simply colour blocking in a range of current modern colours that will brighten up your kitchen.

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