Autumn/Winter - Style Trends

Style Trends & Influences

Autumn/Winter 2013 - 14 is all about contrast and opposites - or more accurately, extremes. These extremes are across the board, encompassing everything from colour and texture to lifestyle and emotions and manufacturing techniques. Designers have interpreted these extremes and contrasts in various ways, but they are essentially aiming to reflect and portray - the ups and downs of life in general, the extremes between poverty and wealth, the current state of the world, society and the pace of life in general, and embrace it or not, the undeniable influence of the escalating digital age - in their work, designs and colour palettes.

It is more about attitude than colour palettes this year though and more about using colours from opposite ends of the spectrum to create contrast and a 'mood', rather than a look. Moods that reflect not only all the 'earthly' influences mentioned above, but the freedom of expression, individuality and personality, that we as individuals, are not only encouraged, but empowered to express these days.

The post recessional mood is one of escapism where beautiful, frivolous objects have the seemingly simple job of making us smile and feel happy. Designers are producing work under briefs and titles such as Elitist, Majestic, Synthetic, Edible, Storm, Flint, Clash and Romanticism and are capturing the many moods of autumn with skilfully arranged colour palettes that allow for versatility and experimentation in expressing these moods.

Balance is the key wherever there are contrasts though. Every Yin has its Yang, so, whether we're talking in terms of colour, texture, pattern, materials or manufacturing, in this mode of 'contrasts' and 'extremes', the loud, outrageous and aggressive can sit alongside the calm, quiet and restrained, the fantastical against the everyday, rebellion with conformity, disorientation with order and abstract against accuracy.

The Modern Man's Modern Interiors Read More

The 'modern man' or even (dare I say?) 'house husband' plays a bigger role these days in family life and child care, as many men spend more time with their children or work from home. Their more frequent and undoubtedly influential presence in the home is triggering interior schemes that are beginning to reflect male preferences more than ever before.

DIY and Thrifting Read More

Some influence of the art deco/nouveau jazz age periods remain, with elements of Gatsby style glamour, particularly noticeable in jewellery and home accessories, giving a sense of down at heel glamour, faded grandeur and a once glorious past.

Artisan, handmade, crafts and craftsmanship are key and are juxtaposed with modern materials and production techniques. We get back to basics with some thrifting, whilst still embracing modern technology and production techniques.

Tactile Textures Read More

Fabric is important in interiors this season. Fibres are more natural and textural, but the contrasts and extremes mode sees natural fibres and interesting weaves combined with engineered fabrics and man-made finishes. Couture/Fashion fabrics in particular are conveying energy and emotion through colours concentrated deep inside fabrics in engorged pigments. They have a sensual tangibility and fullness in weight and behaviour. Designers are capitalising on the freedom to mix fabrics, decorations, cuts and styles to bring together contrasting extremes such as quality and no limits design, sports and elegance and the exceptional and the everyday. As always interiors follows catwalk and catwalk follows interiors so you can expect to see these attributes and characteristics filtering through into our interiors and furnishing fabrics too.

Statement Stripes & Geometrics, Pattern Clashes & Florals Read More

Designs and textures are likely to show/echo how western culture is increasingly reliant on technology and the way it now documents and monitors our everyday lives. Linear and grid like patterns are being used to reflect the restrictions of the modern day infrastructure that we live within. Bright colours are synthetic, just like the technology on which we rely and geometric motifs simultaneously reflect both order and conformity. Statement stripes are still a good look, with energetic and stylish chevrons playing their part too. Angular forms from nature, similarly create a geometric basis for patterns which reflect the natural world, with woodland or maritime influences which adopt paler colour palettes; that nod towards the possible barren lands and shorelines of the future.

The Writing's On The Wall Read More

Products with rustic charm and raw, rustic, exposed and weather beaten materials are being adopted, particularly with regards to interiors; allowing the discerning homeowner to artfully curate the home to reflect a sense of familiarity and comfort, combined with relaxed styling; where deliberately mismatched items serve to reflect personality and character - again empowering freedom of expression within our own homes. This freedom of expression see a move towards the trend for expressing our emotions and personalities in writing on the walls of our homes.

Green Walls - The Living Kind Read More

No not walls painted green, but green walls. We're talking 'living walls' or 'vertical gardening' and bringing a touch of Mother Nature's outdoors - in!


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