Autumn/Winter - Colour Trends

Colour Trends

This Season's Colour Palettes

The new seasons colour palettes show their influence on the Fashion Industry, combined with folk art inspired florals, painterly prints and geometric and artisan influences.

colour trends 2013

Designers are trying to capture moods this autumn with skilfully arranged colour palettes that allow for versatility and experimentation in both fashion and interiors. The colour palette this season is just as diverse as any other, ([quote] "fashion is like time travel, always borrowing from the past but living in the future"), but with reflections of this eclectic mix of opposites and contrasts.

colour trends for 2013 Brights and darks are contrasted against each other and colour clashes and deliberate mis-matches are the order of the day.

Unusual combinations are reflecting artistic expression and we can even expect to see a few pop art colours appearing such as vivid violet-blue, fluoro yellow and other luminous tones such as neon orange and vivid turquoise.

Freedom of expression is again encouraged and empowered through these new palettes to accurately reflect and showcase our lifestyles. Of course, showcasing ourselves is easily achieved through social networks these days, but more often than people realise our homes speak volumes about us too and are the perfect places to showcase our personalities and individual characteristics without limits; and nothing plays a more important part in this than colour does; and you can't deny the impact of colour on the mood of the season this year.

Calming and versatile neutrals, which have stayed the course from the summer, are as earthy and natural as last season. Chalky whites, linen, grey and beige tones sit alongside natural mineral colours such as slate, flint, stone, pebble and tawny brown, grounded by sophisticated and stabilising blacks. This autumn/winter, as with any other, will be dominated by dark hues, [quote] "but this season it's all about finding seasonally appropriate hues that don't border on dull or boring".

colour trends for 2013 Lilacs and lavenders are replacing pastel toned pinks and vivacious pink is holding its own, but darker tones are dominating to add warmth. Brown is playing a big part in balancing the season's palette over all and is influencing and tinting many other colours to create reddish browns, dark browns, rich browns, neutral and coffee bean brown. It's influence on the lilac and lavender spectrum is resulting in warm mauve-y hues and rich damson, port and aubergine shades.

Oranges, browns and golds feature as warm colours on the autumn palette. Oranges are on the pastel side of the palette in shades of pale almond and peach, but brown influences the spectrum yet again to create rich caramels. Nothing new there you might say? - but true to the seasons form and in extreme contrast, neon orange plays its part too, finding a comforting contrast against mid to dark blues, black and intense turquoises; this contrast again drawing on the inspiration of the natural world, almost like natural wood, bark, sunset and ocean colours working in harmony against a midnight blue or midday sky.

Voysey Curtain Fabric Topaz

Art Deco Curtain Fabric Topaz

Twilight Curtain Fabric Topaz

Twilight Curtain Fabric Topaz

Reds as ever are lively and warm in tones of coral, flame, samba and tomato, but don't escape the brown spell either and the fusion conjures up burnt reddish browns and luxurious vermillion and cinnabar shades too.

Yellows are deeper and more distinctive too, again coming under brown's influence to create tan and ochre shades. If I am to believe everything that I have read, yellow is rumoured to be the new pink?????

And finally, after all the hype and liberal predictions that emerald was to be the colour of the year this year, what about greens? Greens are featuring but taking more of a back seat and have less influence this season. Those that do put in an appearance will be more olive or moss toned, although we will see some buttery summery shades such as yellow based chartreuse and sharp lime greens featuring and the appearance of deeper, more sombre, brown-greens and black-greens.

The seasons colour palette is full of contrasts and versatility.

winter colours 2013

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