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Choosing the right pole for your window

Whether you’re freshening up a window in your home, undertaking a full house renovation, or starting from scratch in a new build, it’s sometimes hard to know where to start when it comes to curtain poles. So if you don’t know your diameter from your width and your brackets from your finials, you’re not sure whether to go for metal or wood, or you’re just not sure whether to go for a pole or just a track even, then we’ve got it covered in our practical and informative curtain pole buyer’s guide that tells you everything you need to know about curtain poles.

What’s an extendable curtain pole?

If you’ve never had to purchase a curtain pole before, then getting to the bottom of what you need for your windows and some of the terminology we use in the trade can be a little confusing; and one question that we get asked a lot is “what is an extendable curtain pole?”...

curtain headingWhat curtain headings can be used with a curtain pole?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? And which do you decide on first, your style of curtain heading or whether to have a pole or track? If you’ve decided you definitely want a curtain pole then can you have the style of heading that you were thinking...

What are curtain rods? Are they the same thing as curtain poles?

Who would have thought that there was so much terminology involved in simply choosing and fitting curtain poles? As with most professionals, we know and understand our trade well after years of hands-on experience and practice, but fully...

How do I know if I can fit a pole at my window?

There’s nothing worse than finding what you think is the perfect curtain pole for your window – everything from the perfect style to the perfect size, shape and colour - only to get it home to find that it won’t fit your window...

How do I decide whether to choose a metal pole or a wooden curtain pole?

There’s nothing more satisfying than ripping down old, sub-standard or broken curtain fixtures and replacing them with a luxurious new curtain pole. So if you’re putting up fabulous new made to measure curtains...


pole for styleHow do I know what kind of curtain pole to buy for curtains I've already bought?

If you have decided to hang your curtains from a curtain pole, then it will pretty much be the focal piece of the window...

How can I find a cheap pole that will do the job and still look great?

We’d all love to be able to splash some cash on our homes from time to time to keep them looking stylish, trendy and bang up to date. ‘Keeping up with the Jones’s’ isn’t always possible though and when it comes to updating your window treatments...

How do I clean my curtain pole to maintain it and keep it in good condition?

So you’ve gone to all the effort of choosing and installing your perfect curtain pole, the curtains are installed, the tools are tidied away (or the curtain fitters have gone) and there’s...

fit curtain poleHow do I know what size curtain pole to purchase once I’ve measured my window?

When you receive your lovely new curtain pole and you’re all geared up with the right tools (or even a professional fitter on the job) and ready to get down to the task of fitting it...

order pole sizeHow high above my window do I fit my curtain pole?

Whether you’re investing in made to measure curtains, splashing out on some stylish new ready-mades or re-hanging curtains that you already have, it is important to consider how far above your window you are going to fit your curtain pole.

measure the dropHow and where do I measure for new curtains?

If you’ve moved into a property where curtain poles are already in place, or if you have already purchased and fitted new ones, then you’ll need to know how and where to measure for your new curtains, so here’s our handy guide on how to do it:

Why should I opt for a curtain pole rather than a track?

Where would we be without curtain poles or tracks? Curtain poles and tracks are a modern convenience that we have come to rely on but probably take for granted.  They are a functional necessity when it comes to dressing our windows with curtains...

I want to know everything about .......Metal Curtain Poles

Every window is different and choosing the right metal curtain pole to suit your needs, the space available and the surrounding decor can be complicated – particularly if you’ve never had to purchase one before. So whether you’re purchasing...

I want to know everything about .......Wooden Curtain Poles

When choosing a wooden curtain pole, many people think that their choices are limited, more so than say choosing a metal curtain pole or a track. But curtain poles have undergone somewhat of a design renaissance over recent years...

Explain eyelet poles to me?

We’re constantly thinking of our customers when we’re selecting our product range and the same applies to our selection of metal poles. We consider such things as quality, value for money and ease of use. We all want to buy good quality products for our homes without wasting money on extras or things we don’t really need.

I want to know everything about .......Finials

When it comes to choosing a curtain pole there are lots of things to consider when making your final decision. You will need to choose a curtain pole that not only does the job you need it, but that also matches your colour scheme or decor and the style...

I want to know everything about .......Bay Window Curtain Poles

Flexible or bendable curtain tracks that can be shaped into a bay window have been around for a long time. Flexible or bendable curtain poles for bay windows, however, are still a relatively recent solution to dressing bay windows...

I want to know everything about ....... Hold-Backs, Tie-Backs & Accessories

Finishing touches are very important when it comes to dressing your windows and never more so than with curtains. Extra touches and accessories can really finish off a window treatment and make all the difference between a stunning looking...

Can I get spares for my curtain pole?

Good quality curtain poles should last for years with proper care and maintenance, but there may be occasion when you need to acquire spare parts to keep your curtain pole in tip top condition, or maybe just to amend it slightly. It could be that you decide to use it at another window and simply need an extra bracket...

Curtains Code Cracker - Curtain Poles

Do you ever feel like professionals or tradesmen are sometimes talking in some kind of secret code that only they can understand? There are lots of components and accessories involved in dressing windows and fitting curtain poles, tracks and blinds....

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