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Red Spotted

We offer a wide selection of Spotted fabrics and you can also request a free sample of our fabrics to see the texture and quality before you buy
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Red Spotted Polka Dot Curtain Fabric Red
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Red Spotted Dotty Curtain Fabric Multi
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Red Spotted Helix Curtain Fabric Blue
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Red Spotted Pip curtain Fabric Marmalade
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FROM ONLY £10.99
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Red Spotted Atom Curtain Fabric Bordeaux
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FROM ONLY £21.99
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Our red spotted fabric can be fun and playful or quite stunning and elegant. It all depends on the size, uniformity and combination of colours used within the pattern. Large, irregularly spaced and sized spots can give a modern lively look to a room, while small evenly spaced and sized spots of a single colour on a solid background is more traditional, providing just enough pattern to liven up a dull room, without losing its feeling of formality.

Red is a powerful colour that requires using sparingly for this reason. That doesn’t mean a red room can’t be stunning, quite the opposite. Some of the most attractive rooms use red liberally. However, since red is a warm colour, which makes a room look smaller, a room filled with red is often best if it’s large and open. Feng Shui practitioners use it in small amounts with other lucky colours, such as gold, to indicate wealth and prosperity. That’s why red spotted fabric can be a sumptuous addition to your décor. It will add just enough colour, without overwhelming the room when used for your soft furnishings and accessories.

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