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I've seen two mattresses that look similar, yet the prices are very different. Why is this?

You may have seen two mattresses that look similar, yet the price is very different. Why is this? There are two possible reasons. The first is what's inside the mattress. Even though one mattress may look similar to another, it's what's inside the mattress that counts.

Mattress structure

The internal structure of the mattress is what provides the type of support you need. Some mattress fillings cost far more than others, but they provide better support or the right type of support for specific back problems. The traditional types of mattress springs, also known as the open coil or Bonnell, is normally the least expensive, with memory foam next in line. Pocket sprung and pocket memory are higher priced. Latex is often the most expensive type of mattress.

Mattress benefits

Each mattress type has it's own benefit. Latex, for instance, is rated better than memory foam for support, but also costs more. Memory foam, however, has higher ratings for pressure relief, motion isolation and ease of movement, but may have a stronger smell when first unpacked.

Open coil mattresses save you money and can be perfect for anyone on a budget. They are easily turned but far less responsive to the body and don't provide as much support as a pocket sprung mattress. Pocket memory mattresses combine the benefits of the pocket sprung mattress with all the benefits of memory foam.

Mattress cushioning

The amount of cushioning in the mattress may differ slightly. With a very expensive mattress, you'll often get more cushioning, such as 152 mm compared to 127mm or additional coils or extra padding for support in specific areas. However, even pricier ones last just as long as the less expensive mattresses, so unless you have a particular problem with your back or sleep, often a good supportive mattress, without additional bells and whistles, will do.

The second and most frequently found reason for price difference, is our lowest possible price dedication to our customers. If you find the exact same mattress at brick and mortar stores or other websites that you find at Terrys Fabrics, but Terrys price is far lower, it's because we want to offer you the best price. Paying a higher price for a mattress doesn't ensure quality. When you find two mattresses alike, with our price less, it's just that we charge less. We make it our priority to provide the best possible mattresses for the lowest possible cost, without additional mark-ups that make the price prohibitive.

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