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Choosing the right bed for your bedroom

Buying a new bed can be quite daunting. The range of choice available of both recognisable and own branded products, makes comparing one retailer’s offer to another’s, anything but a straightforward task. However, one simple rule will help steer you through the buying process and that is – always buy the very best that your budget will allow

mattress typesWhat types of mattresses are there?

Sleep is very important, so it's just as important to ensure where you sleep meets your needs. Sleeping in the wrong position can wreak havoc on your back and neck, causing chronic pain. So you need to make sure you choose a mattress with the right level of comfort for you. Here are the different mattress types worth considering...

inside mattressWhat’s inside your mattress?

You can never judge a book by its cover, and the same is true for your mattress. Just because it has a nice fabric covering it doesn't mean it is the right mattress for you. What's inside is so much more important, as it's the internal structure that offers you the support while you sleep. So here's details on what's inside our mattresses...

best mattress or youWhat type of mattress is best for you?

There are essentially two types of mattress - sprung or foam, but with varying levels of support. Here's a breakdown of the two types and their options...


What bed is best for a small bedroom?

Finding the best possible bed for your small bedroom might feel like it's impossible, particularly if you need a double or full size bed. It's not. There are some tricks that can help you find the best one that will also allow ....


What bed provides the best storage options?

There are a number of different types of beds that provide a wide variety of storage options. Some beds hide away in a storage area with other drawers and are folded out at night. Other types of beds have built in storage. Finding the best bed for your needs means...


mattress and cashHow much should you spend on a mattress?

It is fair to say that choosing the right mattress is crucial to getting a great night’s sleep. A mattress, whether it is on a divan base or a metal or wooden frame, is the real foundation for rest, recuperation and good back support. On average we...

How will I receive my bed?

When ordering from Terrys Fabrics, be aware that you'll have to do some assembly. It's a huge benefit to you for a couple of reasons. First, it costs less to ship it that way, saving you money. The bed is ready to assemble and in boxes with the...


How do I decide what size bed to go for to suit my room?

When choosing a bed size for your room, you have several considerations. The first is the size of bed you need to accommodate the sleepers comfortably. A single bed will be cosy, but two people can't move throughout the night, making sleep almost....


memory foam2How does memory foam work?

Memory foam products use heat sensitive technology that responds to the warmth and weight of your body, to create a surface that moulds to your contours. As you lie on the mattress, your body warmth affects the molecules in the foam and it “softens”, forming a supportive area around you that is specific to your weight and pressure points, ultimately providing all...

Why should I buy a bed online rather than going into a beds store?

There are a number of good reasons to purchase online, whether shopping for beds, mattresses, bedding or other household items. The first many people identify is the ease of shopping. You can view so many more beds at your leisure online than you'd ever have time to do going from store to store. Not only does it save travel time and...


Why should I buy a bed online with Terrys Fabrics

We are always proud to tell all the good reasons that shopping at Terrys Fabrics makes sense. Of course, one of the big reasons is our vast inventory that you might not find in a traditional brick and mortar store. We carry a wide variety of beds that...

bed1Different Bed Types

When it comes to beds, you really do get what you pay for. The average spend in the UK is currently around £450-£500. The more you invest financially in your bed, the more longevity and comfort it will reward you with. Beds basically fall into two categories....

bed sizeDifferent Bed Sizes

You may have heard beds categorised as ‘Queen’, ‘King’, or ‘Emperor’ size, but the vast majority of suppliers and retailers currently work to a set of standard size classifications. It is useful to get familiar with these before research beds, as you can then find out what size will best suit your bedroom...

bed buyingSome Useful Bed Buying Tips

Buying a bed is a decision you will have to stick with for up to 8 years (the recommended time before replacing), so it is worth taking your time before making a purchase. These tips will give you an idea of what to consider so that you make the right purchase for your requirements....

divan typeTypes of Divan Bed Bases

What makes up a ‘divan set’? This might seem obvious but many people are still a bit unsure what this selling term actually means. Simply put, you buy both the mattress AND the base when you purchase a divan ‘set’, rather than sourcing and purchasing the two items independently of each other. So with that clear, here’s a breakdown of your divan choices

divan storageStorage Options for Divan Beds

Divan beds are extremely versatile, as they can be bought with a variety of storage options. Once you know what size bed you want, and have chosen a style then the last thing to consider is the storage options. The space under a bed is extremely valuable, so it's worth making the most of it...

mattress careMattress Care & Maintenance

All bed manufacturers will include their own care information with the mattresses they provide so please consult this first for detailed advice. As a general guide however, if you have a pocket spring mattresses with natural fillings you should turn it over and around, in order to spread the wear on springs and compression of fillings, every...


mattress qualityImportance of Mattress Quality

Don't Compromise - The most important piece of advice that I could offer you above and beyond all the technical specifications, is not to compromise on quality. A new mattress should be seen as an investment not an expense. A good mattress can last up to 10 years +, so it's worth making a serious investment in your new purchase.


mattress and baseMatch your Mattress to your Bed Frame or Divan Base

If you already have a bedstead in good condition, it may be that you only need a mattress to suit your comfort level and budget. However, if you have or need a divan base then the mattress needs to be matched to the type of divan base that...


I've seen two mattresses that look similar, yet the prices are very different. Why is this?

You may have seen two mattresses that look similar, yet the price is very different. Why is this? There are two possible reasons. The first is what's inside the mattress. Even though one mattress may look similar to another, it's what's inside the mattress that counts...


Tools and equipment for assembling your bed

When you first receive your bed, it's normal to get excited and unpack it quickly. That's okay, but you need to make sure that you don't throw away any parts with the packing. Until you get the bed entirely assembled, keep all packing. While the manufacturers and we at Terrys Fabrics attempt to...


Glossary of bed related phrases

There are so many different words and phrases when you're talking about bedding. To make it even worse, we're becoming a united world when shopping, thanks to the internet, and each country has its own names. Here are some common terms you'll see when you're shopping for beds or bedding...


Should I pay more for a better quality mattress? Is there really a difference?

There is a difference in quality among mattresses, but a higher price isn't always the way to identify it. Some companies actually charge far more because their name is well known, but it may be the same quality as a lower priced item that isn't a..


 Download our buying guides here:

If you prefer you can download and print out our two buying guides. These cover all of the information above, the first details buying advice for a bed, and the second for a mattress:

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