I've seen a throw I like, but I'm not sure where to put it in my home

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While all decorative items are wonderful additions to the home, we especially love the versatility of the throw. They can be used in any room of the house, even in the bathroom if you have a seating area, and they make a wonderful addition to the room's appearance. If you've found a throw you love, in a colour that goes with your home decorations, you can use it in any room as an accent over any chair, sofa or even the bed.

Adding warmth to any room

Throws are a perfect way to make a room look cosier and more inviting. You can drape it over the back of a chair casually or fold it neatly over the back for a very different appearance, with a more formal appearance, but still adding colour and design. You can do the same over the back of a sofa and combine it with a grouping of cushions, changing either the cushions or throw for a completely different look or just draping the throw differently or folding the throw when you want a change of pace.
Beige Tartan Throw On A Beige Sofa

Throws in the bathroom?

While you don't often find a throw in the bathroom, you might if there's a dressing area and make-up table. It adds style to the area and provides a nice coverlet to keep you warm during winter months, as you put on your make-up and do your hair. You can wrap yourself in the throw and leave the damp towel in the bathroom when going to the bedroom to dress if you haven't brought clothing in the bathroom.
Green Throw Over A Funky Desk Or Table Chair

Bedroom throws

A throw in the bedroom is ideal. It can drape over a chair for a delightful accent or be the highlight of the bedding. It offers practicality as a light cover for cool nights that aren't chilly enough for a duvet or heavy blankets. Smaller throws are also quite practical if you're sharing the bed with a partner, especially when each person has a different level of comfort when it comes to warmth. The partner that likes it warmer can use the throw for just an extra touch of warmth, allowing both to enjoy the perfect comfort level without stacking the duvet or covers to separate them and take up bed space.
Breakfast In Bed On A Tray, Sitting On Top Of Grey And White Bedding

Living room throws

Larger throws are also protective for furniture and far easier to clean than sofas or chairs. People with pets or active children find that putting a throw over the furniture makes cleaning the area easier and keeps furnishings nice far longer. The oil from the back of the head can leave the backs of chairs and sofas stained, but when you have a throw draped over the back, it not only adds style to the room, it protects those furnishings. When you find a throw you love, try it in several areas of your home, over various pieces of furniture and in various ways. You'll find the perfect spot for it, or maybe several. In fact, with the low cost of throws, people often order several of the same style and/or colour, when they find ones they love. They can create a room décor around the throws or provide a cohesive look throughout the house by using one in several rooms.
Modern Bright Living Space, Beige Sofa And Checked Grey And Beige Throw

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