I've never bought a throw before, what qualities should I look for?

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In most cases, finding one that is easy care is important. Often, the throw is what's next to the skin, whether draped over a sofa or on a bed. Finding one that's made of quality material is also important. From there, choosing the right type of throw depends on where you'll use it, the look you want to achieve and your colour scheme. There are no right or wrong throws to choose, just ones that add to your room décor and provide the accent you want.

Warm and cosy throw choices

For a warmer, cosier look, natural fibres and soft throws work best. These can be draped to produce a casual look, then simply add decorative cushions for a finished appearance. A knitted or crocheted throw would work well in this case, just as a fleece or flannel one would. The soft nature of the cloth lends itself to a casual draping, while also adding its plush nature to the décor. You can choose a throw that complements the rest of the décor, is monochromatic or simply adds a splash of colour to an otherwise bland area.

Two Pairs Of Feet Wearing Socks Sticking Out From Beneath A Tartan Throw, In Front Of A Log Fire

Bedroom throws

Bedroom throws, just like those for the sofa, come in a variety of colours, fabrics and designs. Quilted or heavier throws don't lend themselves as well to casual draping, but can be used that way. In most cases, these are folded in a variety of ways and put on the bed or folded over a chair. You can combine this type of throw with one that has lighter weight fabric, combining the two for an even more impressive design. Quilted, fur or other thicker throw, such as a padded one with buttons, add texture to your overall design.

Grey, White And Maroon Cushions On A Bed, As Well As A Tea Cup And Books

Throw colour and style options

The colour of throw you use is also quite varied, based on your overall colour scheme. You can use a monochromatic throw or one that adds contrast to the room. Throws can be used to create a more elegant décor, tie several colours together and also add colour to the room. A black and white decorating scheme looks stunning with a plush bright red throw placed on the back of a sofa or chair. You can add a matching red cushion or two mixed with black and white ones, to carry on the theme. Whether to use a print or a solid toned throw depends on the rest of the décor as well.

Salmon Pink Throw And Cushions On A Grey Sofa, With An Equal Number Of Grey Cushions

You can mix patterns for an interesting look or add a solid throw for a more sedate design. You need to decide how busy you want the area. If the rest of the room is plain, mixing patterns by using a variety of cushions and a throw can liven a room. High contrast cushions or mixing pastel cushions can be easily accomplished when you have a patterned throw containing all the colours you want to include.

By now you should realise there are no hard and fast rules. In fact, you can have a number of different throws in a room, just as you can add several accent cushions. While throws are relatively inexpensive and can be used in a variety of ways.

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