Will a throw work as a runner on my bed?

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Throws can be used anywhere and when folded, make a perfect accessory for the end of the bed to replace a runner. In fact, many people use them on the bed for not only decoration but a light cover for when they just want a short nap or wish to lay reading. They can have a lightweight cover without disturbing the covers and remaking the bed afterwards. You can use matching throws throughout the room to create a more cohesive appearance, too.

Throws can protect your bed linen

Throws have a very practical purpose when used on beds or on chairs in the bedroom. If you have pets, you probably constantly fight the battle of pet hair on furniture on on the bedspread or duvet cover. A throw that can be washed easily is a great alternative to washing the top bedding and can be tumbled in the dryer or shaken to remove the pet hair, leaving the chair or bedding relatively free of hair.

Grey Bed Runner Sitting Over A Well Made Bed

Throws add a softer look to a room and have a larger number of ways to arrange them than a runner does. You can fold the throw to cover the end of the bed as you would a runner, but draping it is another option. Creating a triangle from the throw is also a stylish way to display it, while adding glamour and interest to any bedroom area.

Throws in different sizes

There are a number of different sizes of decorative throws, just as there are a wide variety of fabric and colours. You can also vary the location of the throw to get an entirely different look. Consider hanging it over a headboard or placing it in the middle of the bed, down the side lengthwise or folded to make it smaller or larger than the typical runner. It adds versatility and if you decide it isn't exactly what you want, you can use it on other pieces of bedroom furniture or in another room, unlike a bed runner that remains strictly for the bedroom. 

Tea Cup And Books Sitting On A Grey Bed Runner, With Maroon Cushions At The Head Of The Bed

You often have more selection when you open your mind to either a throw or bed runner. Throws frequently come in materials that are softer to both the touch and look, gently draping rather than stiff and formed like a runner. It offers more options for decorating and many people prefer using throws unless they want a formal look for the bedroom. Even then, folding the throw can also create that appearance.

Matching your cushions

No matter which you choose, you'll find that /collections/scatter-cushions can complete the look and give a polished, up-scale appearance to any room and any décor. Whether you want an old fashioned appearance, an up-scale down-town look or a comfortable country appearance, adding a grouping of cushions to coordinate with the throw or runner completes the decorating scheme and gives your room eye appeal.

Try mixing and matching colours or go with a monochromatic colour scheme. If you live in a rental, you can create your own colour scheme with cushions, throws and runners without ever needing to paint the walls. Don't forget to look for blinds and curtains that provide a window treatment that adds the final touch to the décor.

Teal Throw Draped Over A Bed, Matching Cushions Also At The Bed Head

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