My sofa is one colour, is it OK to have a throw that doesn't match?

Terry Baskeyfield | Posted

Well that would depend on what you class as a ‘match’. Some people would say that a match was only correct if the colour, style and pattern were all exactly the same and others would consider a 'match' to be just one of these things, perhaps the same shade, pattern or material.

Solid colour or patterned design

Another things to think about are, is your sofa a single block colour or a patterned design? and Does it have an overall ‘look’? and if so what part of that look do you want to pick out in your throw? It is not necessary to exactly match the colour and a wonderful effect can be achieved by using colours a shade or two lighter or darker or matching pattern but in a different colour. You could even have several throws in contrasting but complementary shades, that could be draped across your sofa to give an elegant effect. If your sofa is a single block of colour perhaps go for patterned throws that will give a new visual perspective.

Beige And Cream Throw Folded Into A Square Bundle

Throw variety and choice

There is a huge and diverse choice of throws available and it might be an idea before you make your purchase to take a moment or two to browse online to see what is about. Shopping online is ideal for this sort of item as you can do it from the comfort of your own home and you can take all the time you need to make your final choice, no pushy sales assistants and no closing times that make you rush your decision. Another benefit of shopping online with Terrys Fabrics is that we offer a money back guarantee, so should you not be completely happy with your throw you can get a full refund and not end up with a credit note that you never find time to redeem.

White Living Space, With Grey Sofa And Matching Cushions

Throws to update home decor

But back to the question. There are several ways that you can use a throw in your home and in recent times the throw has become the quick and easy answer to updating a room at a fraction of the cost of a complete make over. The look that you have in your home and the colours that you use are a reflection of your tastes and likes, so when you choose your throw you will probably choose one that fits your current décor. It is a normal thing to stick to colours and designs that appeal to your personal tastes, after all it's what makes your house your home.

Traditional Living Room, With Classy Coffee Table, Light Green Sofa And Lamp In The Background

That said it is sometimes a good idea to mix things up a little and try new ideas and with the addition of a throw this can be achieved quickly, easily and cheaply. Remember at this point to consider what your throw will be used for and buy appropriately.

For instance if you have children or pets then perhaps a mid to low priced throw will be sufficient for your needs as some hand-made throws can be prohibitively expensive. If your cat is likely to sleep on your throw most days then it will require cleaning more often, and if it is perhaps silk or fine wool that might need specialist cleaning this could be costly. If however, your throw will be just to decorate the room and perhaps handy as a soft snuggle rug in the cold evenings then feel free to splash out and explore the realms of hand-made, hand woven or hand knotted throws.

White And Fresh Living Room With White Voiles, Tall White Planter and Yellow Throw On White Sofa


These can be very costly but with proper care will last a lifetime and give many years of pleasure. If your sofa is one colour it is quite permissible to have a throw that doesn't match. Choose a colour and design that compliments your decorating style and colour scheme and you won't go far wrong.

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