The Benefits of Using a Throw to Protect a Sofa

Terry Baskeyfield | Posted

Most of us know how expensive a new sofa can be so it would make good financial sense to get the most from your new purchase and to ensure that it gives you the longest service that it can. Protecting your new sofa from stains, spills and day to day dirt and grime is a must and a good throw can be just the addition you need to make this possible quite easily and at an affordable cost.

Many new sofas these days will come with a stain inhibitor as a standard addition, and if not these can be fairly easily added either by the manufacturer or by using a branded product, but be sure that the product you are using is the right one for the materials in your sofa, if in any doubt then check with your supplier or manufacturer before use.

Sofas with this protective finish will of course be able to withstand many of the day to day stains and spills that come along on a regular basis, but to give a little bit more protection, especially if you have children or pets in the house, then why not add a good quality throw? This will not only give you some added stain protection but will also bring a touch of colour and a flair of design into your room.

The throw has been around for a very long time and probably began life as more of a shawl than a throw. It was a way for sheep herders to use their wool and would have been used for extra warmth when a large blanket was too cumbersome to use. These days the throw has become the 'must have' item of choice for interior designers to give that extra finishing touch to almost any room of the house. As such the throw is now made from a fabulous array of fabrics from elegant silks to soft wools and on a more everyday scale from a host of man-made and fabric blends.

When considering the addition of a throw to your lounge or even bedroom first take a look at your existing décor and then choose a throw that will compliment it. This does not necessarily mean a complete match as too much of the same colour or pattern can sometimes look over worked and may give the impression of a room that is too coordinated. Try adding a throw, or maybe more, which compliments the room's colour scheme but will also bring in a new design or pattern to give a fresh, modern feel and look. Or it might be a good idea to match your new throw to either cushions or curtains to bring a cohesive coordinated look.

Throws can be layered with cushions or simply draped across chair backs or arms to give a casual and comfortable feel. When not in use your throw can be folded neatly and placed on the sofa back out of the way or piled together on the floor to make a lounging space for children.

If you have a pet that is allowed onto your furniture then a throw is a 'must' as it will give added protection from the moulting and shedding that leaves hair or fur on pretty much any and all surfaces. Any cat owner will know that many cats can cause irreparable damage to sofas and chairs with their claws. If in doubt then consider that it is much easier to wash a throw than it is to clean a sofa. Furthermore, should the stain or damage be considerable then a new throw will be much less of a drain on finances than a new sofa might be.

Children around the home can be extremely hard on many items of furniture and sticky fingers can leave marks and stains everywhere! If you cover your sofa with a well placed throw then much of the damage can be at least contained, and again washing a throw is much easier than cleaning a sofa. Consider though that it might be a wise choice to go for a mid priced throw and one that will take frequent washing, as some of the more expensive throws are probably meant more for decoration than protection and will not last for a considerable time if they are repeatedly washed and dried.

Throws are not only useful for protecting items of furniture as a few well placed throws around the home can not only give protection but can be very useful on cold evenings to cover cold feet or shoulders or to give children a cosy area to lounge on.

Whatever your choice of throw and wherever you choose to use them the throw is most definitely one of the easiest and cheapest ways of protecting your furniture and also adding a little colour and style to your rooms.

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