How to know when it's time to replace an old throw

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Let’s be honest it can be difficult to know when it is time to replace your old throw. Quite often it has become such a favourite item for snuggling up to on a cold evening that you sometimes don’t see how worn your throw has become. If your throw is patterned you may well find that the bright colours that you originally enjoyed are faded and perhaps unrecognisable. If this has happened then the throw you originally chose to compliment your colour scheme is no longer doing its job.

Pet and children damage

Overtime your throw may well have been subjected to such treatment as cat kneading, which can cause a lot of damage leading to thread pulling and even holes, and if you have children then your throw has probably had its fair share of spills and stains. After a while it becomes impossible to keep it looking as fresh as it did when it was new no matter how carefully you treat it.

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Maintenance and care instructions

Washing and drying take their toll even when you follow manufacturers recommendations, fabrics fade in the sun and even folding and storing can cause problems. If you have stored your throw away whilst it was still a little damp from washing then it will take on a musty odour that can sometimes be impossible to eliminate no matter how much you wash it. If this happens you have little alternative but to replace it. As we have already mentioned pets take their toll on fabrics and often leave your throw smelling less than fresh. Not to mention all the hairs they leave behind on every surface which overtime become embedded in the fabric and impossible to remove even with regular shaking and/ or washing.

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Accidental damage

Accidental damage and general wear and tear all add to the problem and when your throw loses its colour, shape, density, perhaps fading and even starting to smell, then it is definitely time for you to choose another one. Bear in mind however that a new throw can add depth and colour to your décor and revamp a room that has become a little jaded. The choices available now are huge with many colours, fabrics and styles to suit even the most discerning tastes. So, if your old favourite throw needs to be retired then it's probably time for you to get a new one and bring a touch of fresh colour, pattern and style to your room.

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