How to Use a Throw to Accessorise Your Sofa

Terry Baskeyfield | Posted

The throw is fast becoming the 'must have' fashion item for the modern home and there are many reasons for this. In the modern home colour and style have become far more important than they were some years ago, and the need for ways to update a room without spending a huge amount of money or having to redecorate completely had to be found.

The throw, the cushion and the rug have all become items that most houses cannot do without. The throw has seen an incredible increase in popularity in recent years and now is found not only in most homes but in most rooms within the home. Throws are used to brighten a room, to add colour and texture and even just for warmth on a cold evening. Throws are incredibly versatile. When it comes to adding throws to your existing sofa then there are a couple of things to consider first.

You will need to take a good look at your sofa and think about what it is that you want your new throw to do for you. Do you want a statement throw that catches the eye and creates a visual effect? Do you want a throw that matches in and almost blends away against the colour scheme that you already have? Or do you simply want a throw that you can use to cover your feet on cold evenings regardless of style or colour?

There are many different styles, shapes and sizes of throw available today and they can be made from a huge assortment of materials. From elegant silk to easy to wash polyester, from bright neon colours to muted neutral beige, so whatever look you are trying to achieve rest assured it is doable.

When adding throws to your sofa you need to consider what sort of décor you personally like and can live with, and although the usual trend is to drape a throw casually across an arm or over the back of the sofa if you have an orderly, tidy mind this casual elegance will not suit your tastes. For this sort of mind you will need to be far more organised and your throws will need to be carefully folded and placed quite deliberately over the arm or back of the sofa. A good structured look can be achieved by placing your folded throw down the centre of the chair seat to give a new colour-way and design look.

Your throw need not match your existing cushions or sofa exactly but do try to have at least one thing that ties the look together. This could be a colour, a pattern or a material. In the case of a colour several colours along the same shade will suffice, such as dark green, bright green and patterned green, with simply the 'green' being which matches them.

A matching pattern can be anything from zigzag to animal print, but as long as the basic pattern is echoed throughout then the colour doesn’t matter too much. When matching materials both colour and pattern can vary with just the material staying the same. These are easy ways to create a stylish, matching and coordinated look without having everything exactly the same throughout which can give a rather boring sameness monotony.

Once you have decided on your style, colour and design then it is time to add your throw. Experiment with the look that suits your personal tastes. Try draping your throw down the sofa back then stack your cushions over it, this will give a sense of comfort and a look that says 'sit here and be comfortable.

Another casual look is to simply lay the throw across the arm allowing it to trail onto the floor, this look is natural and lived in, giving an informal relaxed, welcoming feel.

As we have already discussed if you have an orderly mind you will need to keep your throws far more organised and tidy, but this in turn has a stylish look and feel all of its own and can be elegant and modern. The use of muted or neutral coloured throws can soften the look and bring a more comfortable feel to your sofa.

Draped or folded a throw is a fabulous accessory for you sofa and in today no sofa should be seem with one.

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