How to Accessorise with Throws

Terry Baskeyfield | Posted

Throws are a wonderful addition to any home and are so versatile that if you don’t have at least one you are seriously missing out! A throw can be used for so many different purposes around the home that they are almost a necessity and not a luxury. From protecting larger pieces of furniture from wear and tear, perhaps from children or animals, or to bringing a new fresh look to your room for a very small investment, the throw is a must.

Throws can be found in a huge variety of sizes, colours and textures, so whatever your style or colour scheme a good quality throw can be added to enhance the look and feel of a room effortlessly.

Throws can be found in luxurious fabrics such as silk, chenille or soft wool, and also in man-made fabrics like rayon and mixes of cotton and polyester. With modern manufacturing methods these man-made fabrics can look and feel as luxurious as natural fibres, but can be bought at a fraction of the cost. Both natural and man-made fabrics are generally hard wearing and washable, but always follow manufactures cleaning instructions. With proper care your throw can last for several years.

Whatever your choice of fabric the addition of throws to any room can bring a new dimension to your existing décor and give a fresh feel to your room without a huge cost. Before choosing your fabric make sure no one in the family has any allergies to certain fabrics and choose accordingly.

In a lounge or living room the addition of a well placed throw, perhaps draped across the back of a sofa or chair, can add a splash of colour and texture. A throw across the bottom of your bedding will bring a luxurious feel and can give a coordinated look to your other accessories. Try scrunching your throw up a little for a more inviting, relaxed feel and a cosier look. Try to choose throws that compliment your existing décor like curtains, bedding or cushions and you will get a cohesive feel throughout.

Throws are not only decorative, on a cold evening a soft comfortable throw can be placed across your feet for a warm cosy feel. For those days when you just want to laze around then a soft throw is much easier to use than a large blanket or quilt.

If you have pets or children then a good throw not only looks stylish but it will also give the added benefit of protecting your larger pieces of furniture from stains and wear. Although a throw has a cost it is probably much cheaper to clean or replace that a sofa or bed should accidents happen.

Throws are so versatile and can be used in all areas of the home. Try winding a coordinated throw through your existing curtains or across your curtain pole for an edgy modern look or use a throw as a table runner or across a coffee table to add colour and texture. You can even use a throw as a table cloth or a picnic blanket! Throws look great on window seats or benches and will make a solitary chair in a dark corner look cosy and inviting. Remember you can always take your throws outside on sunny days and use them in the garden instead of rugs or cushions.

Several throws can be layered over chairs or sofas to give a colourful eclectic feel and with the addition of some matching cushions you have a whole new look for your existing room. A throw can be folded and laid down the centre of a chair to add a colourful twist with perhaps a coordinated cushion to finish the look.

If you are the neat type then perhaps the thought of throws draped around your room is not one you can live with then just fold your throws neatly rather than draping them. You will get the same addition of colour and texture without the untidy feel, and furthermore when your throws are not in use try rolling them up and laying them together to create a colourful pile or use a small rack to keep them tidy and secure until you need them again.

Versatile, practical and simply gorgeous throws can be use to bring a cohesive, harmonious look to a room. They have the natural ability to add texture, colour and style to your home. And of course throws are perfect for snuggling under when you need to be wrapped in comfort.

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