How long will a throw last if I'm sitting on it everyday?

Terry Baskeyfield | Updated

How long your throw might last if you use it every day is a tough question to answer. There are so many factors to take into account. Firstly the quality of the fibres in your throw will be crucial as to how long it may last. The better the quality and construction of your fabric the better longevity it will have. The density of the fibres that go into your throw will give a longer life and might even protect the colour for longer.

General and everyday use

That said the general use of your throw will have a marked effect on its life span. If you use it just for a cover on your furniture, perhaps across the bed, then as long as you rotate its position to avoid bleaching in the sun then you should have considerable wear from it.

Throw over a sofa in a dimly lit room

If however you use your throw as a comforter and snuggle rug regularly then obviously it will show signs of wear and tear sooner. Some less dense fabrics will wear quicker than others and fleece will tend to be harder wearing than say a more fragile weave.

Pet damage and durability

Another challenge for your throw might be if you have pets, if you have a cat or dog that likes its creature comforts then you may well find that they sneak onto the throw at any and every opportunity. This will cause your throw to become dirty quicker and that in turn means more washing. The more often you need to wash and dry your fleece the more it will wear and fade. Cats can also damage fabrics with their claws and will find fleece throws irresistible especially when it is cold outside. Their kneading actions can pull threads and cause holes. The more fragile the fabric the more damage an animal can do.

Cat sitting on a throw, looking out of a window


Care instructions

Try to wash your throw only as often as is necessary and stick to manufacturers recommendations with regard washing and drying. If it states hand wash or no spin then obviously you might damage your throw and so reduce its lifespan if you do not follow these guide lines. If you should have a spill or stain on your throw clean it immediately, again following cleaning recommendation, it may be possible to just clean the stained area rather than washing the whole throw.

Light grey sofa, draped in a green throw

Lastly enjoy your throw and use it as you wish because after all it is there to compliment your décor and add your unique personal touch to your home. Furthermore our low prices mean you can change a throw with little cost as often as you like without making a huge dent in your home décor budget.

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