How long can I expect my throw to last?

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There are so many different factors when it comes to the longevity of throws. The right type of care given to a throw will make a great deal of difference. For instance, if the washing instructions say wash in cool water and air dry, but failing to read those instructions, a wash in hot water, followed by a hot dryer will shorten the life of the throw very quickly.

Potential pet damage

Other things factor into the lifespan of a throw. Anyone with cats will testify to the mysterious attraction cats seem to have for fleece throws, kneading them endless, while enjoying every minute of the process. Cats aren't the only ones with claws that love the softness, dogs will also enjoy resting on them. Of course, that shortens their life span.

Two Dog Noses Poking Out From Under A Beige Throw, Sitting On A Light Orange Sofa

While the fleece throws tend to get more attention, tapestry-like throws also get a dose of pet loving, but are more fragile with threads pulling more easily out of the throw than they do on fleece. Body oils from humans and pets can cause staining and gradual disintegration of a throw. Leaving your throw in a sunny window can cause fading. The more exposure they have to the sun, the worse fading potential becomes.

Spill damage and stains

Spills and stains are also an enemy of the lifespan of throws. Removing a stain quickly is extremely important to keeping it looking beautiful longer. Just as washing or cleaning a throw incorrectly can cause damage, excessive washing can shorten the life span, even when it's done correctly. Shake the throw out periodically to ensure you remove dust and fold it with a different side exposed to help eliminate uneven fading and keep it beautiful longer.

A Book And Hot Lemon Drink On Top Of A Red Tartan Throw

That also helps extend the life of a throw on a chair or sofa, which prevents constant rubbing from the arms or head in one area. The type of material used in a throw and how that throw is used play a very important role. Some fabric, such as delicate tapestry-like material is not as durable as fleece.

However, people often use the fleece more frequently since it doubles for warmth as well as style, which can leave it looking in disrepair more quickly. Most of the time, however, these items last a considerable length of time and will play an important role in your home décor, both in the living room and bedroom.

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