A Guide to the Different Throw Styles Available: From Classic to Modern

Terry Baskeyfield | Updated

The throw has in recent times become the must have item for all house holds, not only is it useful and practical it can also be colourful, stylish and relatively cheap. The throw is a 'must have' whether it's just draped interestingly over a chair or sofa back or arm to give a comfy cosy feel to a room or folded stylishly over a chair back to add a little touch of colour or texture to a seating area. Throws across a bed bring a welcoming comfortable look and feel to a room, while a throw casually tangled with cushions on a window seat look stylish and modern.

A throw is not only a useful fashion addition to your room it is also useful for cold evenings when the temperature drops and your feet need a little extra warmth, it is so great to keep a throw handy on a chair back within easy reach so that you can snuggle up and relax without having to move too far!

The throw is also an inexpensive and effective way to modernise your room easily. By adding a coordinating throw or two to your existing cushions you can create a whole new ambience and bring a fresh new look to your décor. Just drape a throw across your sofa back or twine it through your cushions to lift your style and colour scheme instantly. A throw laid over a coffee table, foot stool or dining table gives an interesting twist to the room.

But with all the different throws available how do you know which one will suit your décor? Let’s take a look at what is available and how best to use the different types of throw before you decide.

First and probably most important of all you need to think about what you want your throw to do for your room as the style and design of your throw will depend on this important fact. Do you want to add an elegant feature or simply a splash of bright colour? Do you want a single throw or more than one and if several do they need to be the same or a mix of various styles and colours?

Throws come in several sizes from quite small throws that are designed just to be placed on a chair arm or back to much larger throws designed to be used on top of bedding or on a large sofa. Again you need to know what size would be best for your needs before you buy. It is probably best to go for the largest size you can as this will give you more choices about where you can use it in the room. Consider the size of your furniture; large sofas demand large throws, a small sofa or single chair can accommodate a smaller throw.

If your room style is fairly classic with statement pieces and perhaps an antique or two then it will probably be best to stick to the casual elegance of a classic style throw. These throws come in a gorgeous array of fabrics from soft thick cottons to plush warm wools. The classic design is generally muted, soft and elegant, checks, plaids and textured finishes will give your classic styled throw a natural elegance and a wonderful feel.

A classic throw will add a touch of old fashioned glamour and grace to any room. Try a mix of various types of throws, perhaps a plain natural cotton in a soft off white mixed with a colourful tartan or plaid to bring an instant lift and warmth to your sofa or bed.

If your tastes are more modern then you will have a huge choice of throws to think about. The modern throw is generally more colourful and playful in design than the classic throw. Modern throws will come in statement styles with the use of bright colour and eye catching designs used throughout. If your room is bright and modern with perhaps a retro feel then you will need to add a modern style throw or two.

Whatever your style and design preference the addition of a throw will always add a new dimension to your existing décor. Be it classic, modern, eclectic or eccentric a throw will give an extra dimension and depth to any room.

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