Should I choose a modern or more traditional throw?

Terry Baskeyfield | Posted

When choosing a throw for your room, the type you choose depends on your décor. There is no right or wrong answer to this question, just as there is no right or wrong answer about the colour of throw that you select. Even in a very modern room, a traditional throw could work, based on the design and colour. While fleece throws have only been popular for about 20 to 30 years, they have all types of designs, some of which are traditional patterns.

What to look for in a throw?

Choosing the right colour, design and texture is the most important choice. A throw can create the essence of depth and interest to a room with many of the new richly textured materials. These types of throws can have both a modern or traditional appearance. After all, original throws were often hand crocheted or knitted, which provides that same rich texturing as the hand knitted throws and textured fabric throws of today. You'll find a wide variety of colours and designs in both traditional throws and more modern ones.

Dimly Lit Sofa, With Grey And Brown Checked Throw Draped Over It

Whether you have a design that goes with the theme of the room or are simply looking for one to create an eye catching pattern, the design you choose should blend with the rest of the room décor. A more modern design, such as a black and white geometric design, would fit well when used in a black and white modern décor. A solid red throw could also add to that style of room, but would also look quite sophisticated and elegant in a traditional monochromatic cream colour scheme.

Throw materials and texture

When deciding on the texture, you have many different options. You can contrast or complement the mood of the room. An example of contrasting the mood would be using the soft texturing of a fleece or hand knitted throw with the sleek, geometric look of modern room or one with an industrial décor. While modern designs often use angles, curves and clean lines with loads of chrome, concrete and glass, having a special conversation area with the soft texturing of a hand knitted throw could make the room more inviting and friendlier. A complementary look would be using the same style throw in a traditional, country or Bohemian style décor. The soft casual look the deeply textured hand knitted throw brings to the room adds to the comfortable casual appearance that welcomes guests.

Thick Grey Throw Decorating A Beige Sofa, With Three Cushions On Top Of The Throw

Throw purpose considerations

The purpose of the throw should also be considered when selecting the right one for the room. Throws have many purposes. They can be nice cosy coverings that can keep you warm while watching television, a cover to protect the furniture from pet hair and fingerprints when just the family is home or a stylish addition to bring a room to life or add a touch of colour and design. You may use them for more than one of these.

Funky Metal Feet Chair, With A Green Throw Over It

Often larger throws are used to protect furniture, while still maintaining an attractive appearance. They're easy to throw in the wash when soiled and far less expensive to replace than a new chair or couch if there's a burn or stain.  As you can probably tell, there's no one right or wrong type of throw. It all depends on your needs, room design and what you want to achieve when you add a throw to your décor.

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