Are throws just for sofas or can they be used around the house?

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Throw are for every room in the house. You can use them on almost all types of furniture. These small decorative blankets add interest to the décor and create a stylish look, whether draped over a chair or put on the back of a sofa. You can even use a throw in the breakfast nook, to create a bit of warmth, texture or colour for the room. Throws are also a great way to add a stylish design to the bedroom.

Throws in the living room

Using throws in the living room isn't limited to the sofa. They work well draped over a chair, even with a cushion on top. You can place the throw over the back of a chair or couch, neatly folded, with cushions tucked beside it. The cushions can match the furniture you use it on, with the throw having a contrasting colour or they both can contrast or blend. Using a monochromatic colour scheme can also be dramatic. Sometimes, people use this type of scheme with a few cushions or even the throw adding a complementary or contrasting colour.

Salmon Pink Throw Draped Over A Grey Sofa, With Matching Cushions On The Sofa Alternating In Colour

Draping the throw over the side of the sofa or chair on the arm, folding it in a triangle or casually laying it over the seat and arm adds a different dimension and look. That's one of the nice things about using these two decorating items.

You can use the same cushions and throw for chairs and the sofa, placing them various ways throughout the room. One day, you may have most of the cushions on the couch with the throw and a few cushions scattered around on various chairs. The next day you can change the look by using the throw on a chair with a few cushions and the rest on the sofa.

A Rich Yellow Throw Sitting Over A White Sofa, With White And Grey Cushions

How you arrange the cushions and fold the throw makes all the difference in the world. You can use the throw as a decorative change, while also protecting the sofa. A large throw that covers the entire back and seat of the sofa changes the whole look of the room. Put some cushions on the side and you have a whole new look.

If you have family members that sleep on the sofa, whether sitting or lying, the throw and cushions can absorb the oils from the hair and skin, leaving the sofa clean. Simply wash the throw when it's necessary, keeping your furniture nicer for a longer time. 

Throws around the home

Using a throw in other rooms is just as simple. You can drape it over the chairs at the counter in the kitchen or over ones in a breakfast nook to add a bit of colour and soften the appearance of the room. The same is true of the chairs around the dining room table, with one or two pieces sporting a throw. If you have a patio or sun room, the throw is perfect for the furniture there. It serves a double purpose of adding to the appearance, while also providing warmth on cool nights.

A Green Throw Siting Over A Metal Legged Leather Chair, Next To A Bedside Table

The throw has always been an integral part of bedroom décor too. It can drape gracefully over a chair, be folded with precision over the back of a chair or even lay across the base of the bed, as you might use a runner. Throws are so versatile you can use them virtually anywhere around the house.

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