Are throws the same as comforters? What's the difference?

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A comforter is used to be put onto the bed, with no edges hanging over that add bulk to the sides. These are usually covered by a bedspread or duvet and used for extra warmth. Comforters are filled and made of a single piece of fabric and may be stitched to keep the filling even. They sit on top of the bed and are often thick. Some people interchange the term duvet with comforter, even though the two are not the same. Comforters often come in set, with matching pillow cases and sheets. Most of the time, comforters are not used for decorating a room unless it is a bedroom.

What are throws?

Throws can be bed sized, or be smaller or larger. Just as comforters, they can be used as an extra layer of covers, but unlike a comforter, they aren't nearly as thick. Most throws aren't filled, but that doesn't mean they can't be filled. In fact, you can find some throws that are reversible, filled and stitched in a design to keep the filling in place, but most aren't.

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Throws tend to be far more decorative than comforters. While comforters have their place in decorating, not every place is perfect for one. You can put a throw over the back of a chair or casually cascade it over the side.

Comforters don't lend themselves to doing that. While you can fold a comforter over the back of a sofa, they're normally too bulky to give the look you want. Those that aren't that bulky, don't lend themselves to casual cascading over the arm of a chair. Instead of looking stylish, they just look out of place.

Style, colour and material differences

While comforters can come in a number of colours and designs, you won't find hand knitted ones, since comforters are filled. Most throws aren't filled and there's a number of up-scale stylish hand knitted throws that add elegance and style to every room. The hand knitted throws add a tactile interest to the room with the depth of the design and texturing. Comforters may have some texturing, due to stitchery to keep the filling in place, but not with the same depth and richness of a knitted throw.

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Comforters tend to come in just a few sizes, those matching the size of a bed top. Throws come in a wide variety of sizes from the small personal throw to large ones made to cover entire sofas.

You'll find a wider selection of designs and colours in throws than you will in comforters, primarily because they're more for every room in the house and meant to add style and decoration, unlike the more functional comforter. That makes them a more valuable decorating tool. A throw can be used in the bedroom, but that same throw would look just as stylish when used in the living room or family area.

The versatility of throws

Throws are versatile, decorative and add a welcoming warmth to a room. You can use throws with any type of décor to create a cosier appearance. You can use a throw to create a casual look or a more traditional formal look, depending on whether you fold it or cascade it. For all these reasons, throws tend to be better decorating tools that are also functional, while comforters are functional and may or may not be useful for decorating.

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