Why should I buy a rug online from Terrys Fabrics?

We love that question at Terrys Fabrics because it gives us a chance to boast a bit without sounding braggadocios. The first reason is our helpful staff. They're ready to answer any questions whether they're by phone or on the internet. Most of the easier to answer general questions can be found in our FAQ section, but that's not always enough.

Even the customer reviews may not provide all the information you need. Sometimes you have specific questions that need professional help. That's why we have trained staff ready. Our goal at Terrys Fabrics is to find the highest quality products at the lowest possible price, so we can pass our savings onto you, our customers. We take pride in the amount of time we spend searching through all types of rugs, finding ones that are not only superior in material and craftsmanship but are also low priced and unique and distinctive in design.

Great designs at affordable prices

Decorating your home shouldn't cost a fortune. We believe you should be able to have a stylish, elegant look even if you're on a budget. Your environment can make a huge difference in how you feel and your self-image. We even provide extra savings in the form of sales and discounts, so you can find the rug of your dreams for an even lower price. Whether it's the wrong colour, doesn't fit your décor or you simply were expecting something different, don't worry. We've covered that base at Terrys Fabrics too. Whether shopping on line or in a store, you often purchase and item only to find the colour doesn't match when you put it in the room.


That can occur for a number of reasons. If you purchase from a brick and mortar store, the lighting can be different. When purchasing online, many factors affect how you see the colour, including your computer. We want you to be happy, so we provide a 28 day no quibble refund. Just return it, for any reason, within 28 days and your funds will be credited back to your card.

Shopping at Terrys Fabrics is easy. You don't have to look through volumes of rugs that don't suit your décor. Just using the search bar by checking specific boxes can refine your search and save plenty of time. There's no use looking at a blue rug when you want only tan or green, so we save you time, too.


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