Why should I buy a rug for my home?

The rug has come a long way from the first hand woven matting that was made to keep sheep herders warm on winter nights, although the traditional ways of weaving rugs is still virtually the same as it was all those years ago. Some of the most expensive rugs to be found today still come from areas where rugs have been made for thousands of years. These days the rug has become a part of our every day lives and virtually every home will have at least one. There are rugs for every room in the house and they can be found to suit most budgets. From plush man-made bathroom rugs to hand woven bedroom luxury rugs the choice is enormous. The sheer variety of colours and patterns means that whatever your colour scheme or decorating motif there is a rug available to fit perfectly into your room.

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You probably already have at least one rug in your home, as we have said most families have rugs in the bathroom and some people love a plush rug beside the bed for stepping onto first thing in the morning. If you are considering buying a new rug for a particular place in your home then there are a few things that you will need to think about before you start.

As we have said rugs come in a dizzying array of styles, colours and designs and the style and basic materials of your rug will greatly influence the price and also the suitability of your rug for certain areas of the home. Firstly let us look at hand woven rugs, these will be more expensive and will be unsuitable for some areas of the home but if you commit to buying one it can, with proper care last a life time and some rugs have become family heirlooms.

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The hand woven rug is usually made form wool, silk or cotton and is made by intertwining threads on a loom. The warp thread is fixed vertically and a weft thread is woven through this horizontally. Some designs are extremely complex and are handed down through families, the little mistakes or flaws that occur only add to the value of the finished article.

If you consider that a standard 9ft x 12 ft rug might make 2 years or more to make then you can see why they are so costly. If your budget does not run to the expense of a hand woven rug then there are many other options available to you. The man-made rug is usually made on an automated machine and because it is mass produced the price is generally much lower. The components of your rug will affect the price at this stage as some mass produced rugs are made of very high quality basic materials like wool and cotton or even silk. Just because your rug is not hand made does not mean that it is in any way inferior and indeed, if you have children or pets then it would not make for a good investment to have an extremely expensive hand-made rug on your floor. You can find rugs in almost any style and colour way and in virtually any price range to suit. 

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If you have wooden or laminate flooring you can add a warm feel to a bedroom or lounge with the addition of a stylish plush rug in a coordinating colour. A bathroom can benefit from the added colour of some rugs and it is always nice to step out of the shower onto a thick, soft rug or mat that is designed specifically for to dry quickly, with many having anti-bacterial and mould treatments.

The kitchen is an area where rugs are often neglected and this is a shame as there are many styles of rugs designed specifically for the kitchen, with waterproofing and stain resistor finishes to make cleaning easier. Remember when adding your rug that there are a few simple rules to remember. Try to avoid placing your rug in direct sunlight as this might discolour and fade it overtime. Rotate the position of your rug to avoid this. Always follow manufacturers directions when cleaning your rug as certain components might be adversely affected by some cleaning agents.

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Adding style to your home and comfort underfoot, a rug is an essential addition to your rooms. They have the ability to help ground colour schemes, along with trapping dirt and debris to prevent it being traipsed through your home.


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