What Different Types, Sizes and Shapes of Rugs are Available?

The majority of homes these days will have at least one rug, and many will have several. There are rugs in such a huge variety of sizes, shapes and colours that it is very easy to find one that fits in with almost any décor. No matter what your tastes and preferences there is a rug to fit your rooms, and with new manufacturing processes and new fabrics being used then the cost need not be prohibitive either. Choosing a new rug can be an exciting and enjoyable experience, just take a little time and do a little research before you start and you will be sure to find the right rug for wherever you want it to go.

Budget can often be a deciding factor when you are buying a new rug and some of the more expensive rugs might seem like a huge investment, but when you consider the time and effort that goes into making a hand made rug then you may well change your mind. The traditional hand made rug has been made in places like China, North Africa and Persia for centuries and the same patterns, fabrics and designs are still used today and many are closely guarded family secrets handed down through generations of rug makers. Normally sheep, goat and lama wool is used for these types of rugs, but silk and cotton rugs can also be found.

The designs are specific to various regions and some are very highly prized and sought after making them extremely expensive indeed but when you consider that, with the right care these rugs may well last several life times then perhaps it is an investment worth making. Traditional rugs in these styles can be found in many shapes and sizes from small prayer mats measuring just a few inches to huge room rugs measuring several feet. They are generally square or oblong in shape but can be made in a circular fashion also.

The major factor to consider when buying a new rug is its components, that means what materials it is made from. If your rug is made from a good quality material such as wool, silk or cotton then it will be more expensive than a similar rug where the materials are not of such high quality. Man-made fibres are used extensively throughout rug making manufacture and these are generally much more affordable, they may also give much better overall wear and tear results. This is because the components used are made from things like polymers and plastic, although after treatment they can resemble any fabric from wool to silk or cotton and can be as soft as any more expensive products.

Man-made rugs can come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes because they are made on a machine and the complex weaving needed in a hand-made rug can be done mechanically and far more easily and quickly. For this reason the cost is much less than traditionally woven or knotted rugs, although if the basic components are costly this will obviously affect the final price.

Rugs are made to be used in all rooms of the home and because of this can be found in an enormous variety of shapes and sizes. Rugs for the bathroom are available in many colour-ways and designs, they are often cotton based to give good absorbency but can also be made from hemp or jute and even wood. Nautical themes are common and bathroom rugs often come in matching sets with a rug for the bath and also for the shower and toilet.

Kitchen floors are often tiles or wood which can be cold and unwelcoming, especially to bare feet, the addition of some statement rugs can lift the room and make it a far more welcoming area. Rugs for the kitchen might well have an added stain resistor and water proofer to give more protection from spills and stains and very often will also have a slip resistant backing for health and safety reasons. Kitchen rugs come in a huge range of shapes, sizes and colours to suit pretty much any design you choose.

The lounge is probably the place where most people will have at least one rug and again the variety of designs styles and shapes is huge. The increase in popularity of tiled flooring in the modern home has given rise to a new interest in rugs and matting. The coldness of tiles can be offset by a few well placed rugs and the added colour and texture will bring a new warmer and more welcoming feel to your rooms.

People who have an open fire or perhaps have an electric or gas fire as a focal point in the room will generally have a mat that sits in front of the fire. This mat was originally to protect the larger carpet underneath from burns and ash but these days it has become more of a fashion statement. These fireside rugs are usually about 3 or 4 ft long and 2 ft deep, just enough to sit across the front of the fireplace neatly.

Many people like to add a luxurious, statement rug that is placed across the front of the sofa so that there is an added warmth for your feet when sitting watching TV or perhaps reading, these rugs can be as large or indeed as small as your room and personal tasted allow.

Many people will add rugs to their bedroom décor to give an added feel of comfort warmth and also a welcoming look that brings the whole room together in a coordinated way. Bedroom rugs come in many sizes and shapes and often will have a long pile to them to give an added feel of luxury for your feet when you get in and out of bed. Rugs for children’s rooms come in an exciting range of colours, shapes and sizes often with pictures and designs on them to tie in with the theme of the room.

Rugs are available in a wide choice of types, sizes and shapes to compliment any style of home and its decorating motif beautifully.

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