Should I match my rug to my room colour and design?

The easy answer to this is yes if that is what you want to do, a nice homely feel can be attained by matching your rugs to your décor and the right choice of rug can be the finishing touch need in a room. It only takes a moment to look online to see the huge variety of rugs that you can choose from. If you are not confident enough to go a little wild without some help Terrys Fabrics have trained professionals on hand to give you help and advice and most will also guarantee a full payment refund if your eventual choice is not exactly what you want when you see it up close.

Grey And Yellow Geometric Rug, Under A Cream Sofa And In Front Of A Grey Wall

Rug choice and footfall

Most people will have at least one good quality rug somewhere in their house, whether it be the bed room, lounge or hallway and many people will have several around the home. The popularity of laminate or wood flooring has increased the demand for rugs that add a feeling of welcome and warmth to your floors. A quality rug can however be extremely expensive, so take a moment to think about how much you want to spend and exactly what your needs are. For example, it would be unwise to splash out a huge amount on an expensive rug if it is going to be in an area of high footfall where it might become worn or damaged very quickly or if you have pets that think your new rug is a great place to lay!

Traditional Rug In A Hall, Next To A Wooden Staircase

So, whether you have bare floors or wall to wall carpet a rug can add a new depth to your décor and add a new dimension to your colour scheme. The addition of a new rug can add a completely new feel to your room at a fraction of the cost of a total room make over.

Considering your home decor

When choosing your new rug take into account the finished look that you want to create, if you want a subtle muted décor then it would probably be wise to match your rug to your existing colour scheme and not to create too much of a statement with it. It is possible to match either colour, pattern or shape and still have an overall blend across your rooms design. But on the other hand if you want your rug to make a bold statement immediately then perhaps more of a ‘clash’ of colours patterns or designs might be what you need.

Bright Yellow Rug, Under A Driftwood Bench Sofa

The best way to decide is to have a look at what other people have achieved, don’t be afraid to ask friends or family what they think or where they purchased the items that catch your eye in their homes. Other people's home, décor magazines, or online blogs can all be a source of inspiration and sometimes seeing what you don’t want to create can be as rewarding as seeing your ideal room.

Personal taste over the in vogue

When you choose your rug remember that it is your home and you that will have to live with it so don’t be overly influenced by what is ‘in vogue’ at the present moment. If you have a modern home and want an up to date look then by all means opt for the rug that is current and on-trend, but if your personal taste is more conservative then go with that. Remember that a rug can be a very large investment with exclusive hand made rugs costing several hundred pounds, so at the end of the day be sure that your choice is one that you and your family can live with. if you're the type of person that likes 'change' then inexpensive rugs will give you the freedom to change as often as you like. 
Customer Feeling The Side Of A Rolled Up Rug That Is Stood Upright

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