Rugs in the Bedroom, Using a Rug as a Finishing Touch to Your Décor

The humble rug has come a long way from the hard animal hide that cave men used to bring a little comfort to their sleeping quarters and today the rug is one of the most common interior design features, used extensively to create warmth and comfort in every room of the house. Indeed so important has the rug become that many interior designers today actually start with the rugs in a room and build up the rest of the décor around them, believing that it is easier to match large articles of furniture to existing rugs rather than the other way round. For most people though the rug is probably one of the last items that you will add to your rooms décor and you will choose it to give the finishing touch to the look that you are trying to create.

Whatever your personal style there are rugs that will enhance the look and feel of your room and this is probably never more true than in the bedroom. Our bedrooms tend to take on a more personal and private feel than rooms of the house that are shared with other family members and visitors, this is important because often our bedrooms are a place where we need to feel relaxed, secure and calm.

The bedroom quite often is more than just a place to sleep and this should be reflected in your chosen décor. The addition of area rugs will bring a coordinated look and feel to your bedroom and if chosen carefully can be the added touch that lifts your room and gives that extra special ‘wow’ factor. If you use your bedroom for watching TV or reading then you will feel more relaxed and comfortable if the look of the room is pleasing to the eye.

Rugs for the bedroom come in a huge variety of sizes, shapes, colours and materials and you need to decide on the look that you are trying to create before you buy. If you have completed your other decoration in the room then you will obviously know what style you are going for, be it vivid, muted, eclectic or modern the rug that will tie it all together is just waiting to be placed into position.

Rugs are an especially good addition to your bedroom if you have opted for wooden or tiled flooring as unless you have underfloor heating then getting out of bed on a cold morning can be a daunting experience. A soft warm rug to put your feet on is a must in this scenario. Perhaps the luxury of a shag pile rug or a deep soft woollen rug will encourage you to leave the comfort of your warm bed.

In a child’s room rugs can bring a sense of fun with rugs available in many colours and sizes with movie themes or pictures from books and magazines on them and it can give a child a sense of ownership if perhaps they have a chance to choose their own rugs to finish off their new décor. Older children may benefit from rugs that bring a softer calmer feel to aid their rest and sleep.

If you have a large floor area to cover then the cost of rugs may seem to be a large investment and sometimes several smaller rugs in matching colours can be a good idea. Perhaps one rug at each side of the bed and a larger rug at the bottom of the bed in coordinating colours or patterns might work for you. A nice tactile feel can be created by layering a good quality rug over a larger rug in jute or hemp and this will give the added benefit of keeping costs to a minimum.

When buying rugs for the bedroom quite often it is possible to choose rugs that are more expensive as the wear and tear on them will probably be considerably less than say a rug in the main lounge, hallway or kitchen. Rugs for the bedroom can therefore be your chance to spend a little more than usual, perhaps even opting for a hand made luxury rug.

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