Rugs for Kitchens and Bathrooms, Where Water Spillages are a Possibility

Most homes have several rugs throughout the various rooms but this is especially true of the bathroom where quite often we will have a wooden or tiled floor. Although this type of flooring can be very beneficial in rooms where water spillage is quite common, as it enables quick cleaning of any spills, it does not lend itself to a nice cosy place to walk and can be cold and uninviting.

Underfloor heating is a good idea in a bathroom as this will give a feeling of warmth and comfort as you walk about barefoot, but if this is not an option for then luxurious bathroom rugs will do almost as well. Most homes will have some form of rug by the bath or shower simply to absorb the excess moisture when you step out, but why stop there when there are so many beautiful rugs designed especially for bathrooms to choose from.

A set of matching rugs will give a coordinated look and feel to your bathroom. When sets of bathroom rugs don't compliment the style of your home a single mat is a good alternative, that provides a statement and a purpose. If you opt for rugs that are machine washable then it will be easy to keep them looking fresh and clean no matter how much use your bathroom gets. Remember though that excessive washing might damage the fibres of your rugs, fade the colours and harm any non-slip backing, so always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

The humble bath mat has evolved into a vital piece of interior design and there is a huge range to choose from including terry towelling, various types of cotton and even jute or sisal. Your bathroom can be given a new lease of life by just adding a few coordinated rugs and the cost can be as much or as little as you choose.

Kitchens too often have wooden or tiled floors, and here too your floor can benefit from a few well chosen rugs to give warmth and colour to your décor. In the kitchen it is wise to opt for rugs with built in non-slip backing as this will negate the possibility of slips and trips in an area where hot, sharp or generally dangerous items are in constant use.

Many rugs ,come with a stain and water resistant finish and this can be of great help especially in the kitchen where spills are likely to be of the sort that will leave a stain. It is a good idea to try to find rugs that are easily cleanable and if possible machine washable, but be aware that excessive washing may destroy the stain resistant finish on your rug. It is possible to replace this finish however with a manufacturers recommended treatment.

Rugs that run in front of your kitchen units will give the impression of length and space and the added comfort to your feet whilst you are standing preparing food or washing-up will help to ease tired legs. If you have a dining table in your kitchen a matching rug beneath it can bring the décor of your room together and give a cosy feel where eating becomes a relaxing pastime as well as giving you some comfort beneath your feet. If you choose rugs that match in colour or design then the overall look of the room will be structured and coordinated.

Quite often the kitchen is a rather neglected room in the house with regards comfort and elegance, so the addition of some stylish rugs will not only give you some added comfort but will also bring a fashionable up to date look to your room.

Remember that both the kitchen and bathroom are high footfall areas where foot traffic is at a premium and this means that wear and tear on your rugs will probably be quite high. Bear this in mind when choosing your rugs as you may find that you need to replace them fairly frequently. If spills should occur it may be possible to just mop up the main spillage with absorbent paper or a piece of plain absorbent fabric and then leave the rug to dry naturally, this will reduce the necessity of machine washing, which in turn will minimise the wear and tear of your rug.

Rugs for bathrooms are designed to be highly absorbent and water resistant so don't be tempted to use any other type. In the kitchen rugs with stain and water resistant properties are the best choices.

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