My sofa is one colour, is it OK to have a rug that doesn't match?

The answer to this question depends a lot on what you consider a ‘match’. Some people would consider a match to mean identical not only in colour but tone, and pattern, whereas others would consider a match to be just a complimentary nod at the ‘sameness’.

Available rug colours and designs

Rugs these days come in such a vast array of shapes colours sizes and patterns that it would be possible to ‘match’ pretty much any sofa colour you could imagine exactly, but sometimes less is more and too much matching can distract the eye rather than focus it. An over indulgence of one colour in a room can be difficult to live with unless it is a very bland colour like magnolia and even then a general rule is to use rugs and or cushions to bring some life and contrast to your décor.

Matching vs complimentary colours

Consider that if you have say a blue sofa then would you only want to put a blue rug before it or would something that complimented it be more pleasing to the eye, perhaps a rug with several colours that only picked out the blue tones, or even something that complimented the sofa by being a complete contrast. Sounds strange but often contrasting colours can be brought together with similar patterns or shades. You only have to browse through a department store or take a look online to see how versatile a rug can be. A good rug can bring a room up from being just a pleasant space to being a wonderful area to be in. A cold room can be made to look cosy and inviting and a bare floor can become a warm and welcoming place. Rugs are a marvellous way of bringing your room’s ‘look’ together.

The history of rugs

Rugs have been around for a very long time and cave men used the first animal hide rugs to keep themselves warm on cold nights. In the middle ages rugs were used to decorate cold floors and walls in grand houses and draughty castles. Rugs have developed overtime from just something that was necessary to keep warm into an interior designers favourite accessory. The humble rug has evolved into something that dictates the finish of a room and not many modern day homes are without one or two rugs somewhere about the home that gives just the right coordination to the décor.

Rug care and maintenance

A good quality rug can be a very large investment and many hand made rugs become family heir looms and get passed down through families. So consider carefully what your needs are and how much you want to spend. Your rug will need to be cared for and looked after if you want it to last a long time, so think about what type of rug you want and how much effort you want to give to its care. A good quality rug is an investment, providing comfort underfoot, adding style and purpose to your home. Rugs can help 'ground' colour schemes and enhance many different decorating motifs beautifully, therefore it is absolutely fine to have a rug that doesn't match your sofa.

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