How to finish off your home décor using statement rugs

Quite often your statement rug is a bit of an afterthought, just something that you rush out and buy to give a finishing touch to your room. Before you do this consider that the statement rug is quite often the starting point for an interior designer. That means that the whole room is engineered to fit around the rug and not the other way around. I know most of us do not consider ourselves even close to being interior designers, but there is no reason why your new rug should be just an afterthought, and consider too that it is probably much easier to find paint or wall paper to match your rug than the other way around. A statement rug does not have to be any definite size, it just needs to be something that catches the eye and brings the room together. Depending on your personal style your statement rug could be modern, colourful, eclectic or contemporary.

Since early times when the rug was no more than a piece of hard leather used to keep the damp earth at bay men have used the rug to bring a feeling of comfort and warmth into their homes.Nomadic shepherds were some of the first people to make rugs from the wool of their sheep and goats and the rug that we have today has evolved from this.

Indeed there are many places where the rug is still made using the same methods that were first used hundreds of years ago. These hand-made rugs are extremely expensive mainly because of the quality of the raw basic materials and the complexity of the weaving processes. Today a rug can be found in almost any size, shape and colour and in a wide range of prices to fit almost any budget. So, when you are considering your statement rug don’t hold back, your rug is there to finish the look of your room and if you choose the right one it will bring your whole décor together beautifully. Your rug should have a presence all of its own and should bring your other items of furniture, artwork or lighting, they should together in a harmonious way. Your rug should not clash in a way that makes your eyes water, but it can most certainly be bright, colourful or striking enough to elevate your room whilst bringing a coordinated look and feel to the décor as a whole. 

The word to remember here is ‘statement’, you want your rug to be noticed and if you opt for something that merely blends into the design of your room then your 'statement' value has been lost and your rug has not served its purpose. In a muted room try a bright pop of colour or perhaps a bold monochrome pattern to lift the feel of the space. Your rug does not need to cover the whole floor from wall to wall, and indeed it can give the illusion of a more spacious room if there is a gap around the edges.

Sometimes a smaller statement rug can be layered over a less striking rug to add a touch of interest to a room The use of sisal or hemp rugs as a base layer can cut the cost of covering the whole floor, and your statement rug can then be the eye catching centre piece at a fraction of the cost of a whole room sized rug. Cost can also be a factor when choosing the material your rug is made from. Hand-made, luxury rugs can be extremely expensive. If you have children or pets it might be a wiser option to go for a rug that is slightly cheaper and easier to clean and maintain. With the huge diversity in man-made fibres available it is an easy task to find an excellent rug at a price that does not break the bank.

If you are still unsure of the look that you wish to create then take a moment to browse online where you will find inspiration and advice about the different types of rugs to suit every room in your home. Adding a statement rug to a room is an affordable way to give a room the 'wow' factor, more especially when the rug you choose is in colours, a size and style that compliments your decorating motif properly.

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