Considering price: how much should you spend for a quality rug?

It's difficult to arbitrarily set a price for a quality rug. There are far to many factors to consider. Rugs come in all sizes, materials and quality of craftsmanship. You should be looking for the rug that has the superior craftsmanship and design in the size you chose, which doesn't necessarily mean the one with the highest price. In today's world of internet shopping, you can find a wide divergence of price on the same item. The difference in price can be substantial, even when including shipping and handling. Since the two items are identical, paying the higher price is foolish.

Rug variety and price

It's not quite that easy when shopping for some items, such as rugs as there are so many to choose from. Here at Terrys Fabrics we offer a wide and varied selection of rugs for the home. But before you choose a rug you also need to identify the type of rug you want and need. Ask questions including: ' Is it machine made or hand tufted?' There will be a price difference between the two, with the hand tufted rug costing more. The more labour required to create the rug, the more the rug will cost.

Black Fold Out Bed With Grey Striped Cushions On A Grey Geometric Rug

Rug material and price

The type of fibres used also plays a role in the cost and durability of a rug. Natural fibres, such as cotton, silk, wool and grasses are quite popular. Synthetic fibres are also extensively available. The fibre that wears the longest is wool. It will look great from the moment you purchase it and often gets better with age. This is one reason it's often used in higher traffic areas. A good anti-slip pad can add to the number of useful and attractive years a rug has, since it prolongs its life by absorbing much of the shock from walking on it and allows the tufts to spring back into place. The higher the foot traffic, the more you should spend for a higher quality rug. If you redecorate frequently, once a year or more, consider spending less and getting a good quality anti-slip pad made especially for your type of flooring. These pads not only prevent slippage, keep your rug looking nicer longer, they protect the flooring and even make a less expensive rug look lush, thick and expensive.

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Here at Terrys Fabrics we offer a wide choice of prices, from high quality cheap rugs suitable for bedrooms to more expensive styles to adorn your living area. It's worth remembering that our rugs offer great quality at very competitive prices.

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