How do I know which size rug will best fit in my space?

Buying a new rug can be a costly investment for many people and if you make a mistake and purchase one that doesn’t quite fit your space or suit your décor, then you would be forgiven for not being best pleased. There are a couple of things that you can take into account to make sure that this doesn’t happen to you. Firstly consider the space that you have, take your time to really study the items of furniture that you have in that space already. If you have several pieces of furniture or items that you don’t move around very often then do you want to have these on top of your rug. Sometimes a space can be made to look and feel smaller if the rug is too hidden under chairs, tables or sofa’s, as well as the fact that you have paid for something that you like to look at and then placed it somewhere where you don’t get the full benefit from it!

Your rug defines your space so try to have the front legs of chairs or sofa’s either right up to or just on the rug, this will allow you to appreciate your rug without having it covered by too many items. In a bedroom if the rug is going to go under the bed make sure it is big enough to leave plenty of room for standing on when you get into or out of bed. 

Modern styles dictate that one third of the rug is placed under the bottom end of the end to give a chic and desirable look. If your room is small then, if you can afford it opt for a rug that almost fits wall to wall. It will give a feel of coordination, and remember that your rug defines your conversation space so make it as big as you can. If the area you need to cover makes a single rug too expensive then try coordinating rugs running parallel to each other to create a comfortable feel. Don’t be afraid to layer rugs, in this way you can cover your space with a cheaper rug, perhaps even sisal or jute and have your more expensive statement rug on top. This will also give you a more luxurious feel as you walk on it.

On the other hand a good rug in the right size and shape can bring random items of furniture together and create a welcoming space. If your chosen rug is too small for your space then your room might look confined and claustrophobic, in other words your furniture may well look disjointed and adrift.

Remember, if your rug is going to be the focal point of your room then it needs to be just that, it will need to bring the room and its contents together. A large square statement rug in a long narrow room can make the room look more compact, while a circular rug can bring a stylish glamour to a plain wood floor. In a long corridor or hall several rugs rather that one long runner can bring the room into focus and coordinating with pictures, mirrors and even wall paper can bring an arty modern feel. You need to consider your area rug as a work of art for your floor. Many interior designers choose the rugs for a room before they choose any furniture, lighting or colours, this should give you an idea of how important the right rug can be.

Another thing you might want to consider is what your space will be used for. Is it an area of high footfall like a hallway or passage way? Is it somewhere that children play or where people might want to sit or lie on the floor? Do your animals have access and if so to what extent?

 You may well want to own a vintage or a hand-made Persian rug but would that really be a wise choice if children or pets are going to be allowed in the area? Remember that specialist cleaning for a luxury rug can be a very costly, so perhaps a more family friendly option would be better for busy family areas.

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