Everything you need to know about doormats

Anyone who has children, pets, a garden or just ventures outside every once in a while should have at least one doormat. The doormat is the barrier that keeps all the dirt, dust, moisture and mud out of your home. Doormats come in a huge array of sizes, shapes and colours to fit every location. The idea of the doormat is not a new one, and anyone who wants to keep dirt out of their home will see the relevance of having one on each door step especially in the most well trafficked areas.

Doormats can be found in a variety of fabrics from rubber to cotton, some will be washable and others can be cleaned by brushing, hoovering or shaking outside. Rubber or non-natural fabric doormats can be taken outside and washed with a power hose or even a bucket of water and a brush, but beware as washing some other types of doormat will remove their waterproof coating. Most doormats will come with an absorbent side and an underside that is waterproof or water resistant to stop the moisture gathered from leaching through onto the floor underneath.

Most shops, businesses, offices and places of work will use doormats at every opportunity because it makes good sense from a cleaning point of view. It is far easier to clean one doormat than an entire floor area. Keeping dirt and grime contained in one area is what a doormat is designed for and will do.

Having said that there are several types of doormat to choose from and you needn’t worry that you might end up with and industrial looking mat in your beautifully decorated hall or porch. It is possible to find doormats in several colours and styles as the use of doormats becomes more and more widespread. Let’s take a look at some of the choices available to you in the home or workplace. Coir is widely used in the manufacture of doormats, it is a natural fibre made from the husk of the coconut.

It is fashioned in the same way as any natural fabric in as much as fibres are spun into long threads and then these threads are woven into matting. In its natural state it is a fairly neutral colour but takes dye well and can be found in many shades and colours. Coir is an excellent material for doormats as it is extremely hard wearing, rough in order to remove dirt from shoes and boots, and fairly waterproof. Coir mats are available plain or with pictures, slogans and designs on them. Jute is another natural fibre that is widely used in the production of doormats. It is made from the jute plant and is second only to cotton in production these days.

Jute is hard wearing, cheap to make and can be dyed. The jute mat will be softer than the coir, but just as strong and waterproof. Jute is commonly identified as the fabric that is used in the production of sackcloth, although it is widely used in the production of many things from shoes to garden twine. Doormats can also be made from cotton, these tend to be softer, more pliable and washable. Some can even be put into the washing machine, depending on size of course, but never use fabric softener as this will inhibit the natural water absorbency of the mat. 

The cotton doormat comes in a wide variety of colours, it is water absorbent and generally has a backing that prevents water from leaching through onto the floor beneath. Doormats are also widely constructed from rubber and this gives and extremely hard wearing mat. Rubber matting can be fashioned into different lengths and widths and is commonly used in shops, schools and offices. Rubber matting impregnated with specialist finishes that absorb oil are widely used in garages and workshops and even kitchens.

Rubber matting can also be found with a fabric surface topping that gives a non-slip effect, this is very useful in areas where excessive moisture is present like kitchens or boatyards. It is also possible to find doormats that have matching scrapers to help remove mud or debris from your shoes before you stand on the mat. With some many options available, it makes sense to use a door mat to trap dirt at every door and help prevent harmful debris from being walked into your home.

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