Everything you need to know about bathmats

Generally when we talk about bath mats we mean the sort that you might place alongside your bath or shower for that warm snugly feeling when you step out onto them. But there are two types of bath mat to be considered and they differ in as much as one is for use inside the bath and the other is for using outside the bath.

The type of bath mat that is used inside the bath is generally for safety purposes and will have a non slip backing so that it does not move around inside the bath or shower, this might be a slightly rubberised surface or sometimes suckers that grip firmly to the bottom of the bath or shower. This type of mat will also feature a non slip top surface so that the user can stand or sit comfortably in the bath or shower without fear of falling or slipping.

These bath mats will not usually be machine washable and although they are usually treated with an anti bacterial finish they will need to be removed and washed with soapy water and a sponge or brush. This should be done regularly to prevent build up of debris deposited during normal use. Plastic, rubber or PVC are all normally used for this type of bath mat.

Sizes and styles can vary enormously from small at roughly 18inches square to larger squares or rectangles depending on the area where the mat will be used. It is a common feature to have these mats in aquatic designs that fit in with the water theme of the bathroom, like fish, boats or bubbles. The other type of bathmat first and foremost is there to absorb the moisture left on your body after a bath or shower and for this reason it is generally made from an absorbent, soft and usually washable material.

The bath mat can be a singular item or come as part of a set with several matching mats for use around the toilet or wash basin also included. As with the bath mats for use inside the bath these can come in a huge array of sizes, colours and designs with aquatic themes very popular. The addition of soft luxurious mats around the bathroom can bring a feeling of comfort and elegance to your room and with the huge choice of sizes, colours and designs available your mats can easily be matched to your décor, towels, or room fittings.

Washable bath mats of the type used outside the bath can be made from natural fibres like cotton, or from man made fibres such as rayon, nylon or polyester. All these fabrics make soft, absorbent, washable mats, all vital components when considering the type of mat needed. The finished article can be fluffy or smooth, plain or patterned and the quality of the end product will obviously depend on the basic materials used in the construction.

The better the quality of the fibres used the more durable and hard wearing your bath mat will be, and although you might not want your mat to last forever, as you will probably change your bathroom décor occasionally and that might be a time to also change your bath mat, longevity is something to be considered. Many washable bath mats will be treated to give the material a non slip backing and again this is for health and safety reasons. Surprisingly next to the kitchen the bathroom can be one of the most hazardous places in the home, wet floors can be extremely slippery and dangerous. The final type of bath mat that we are going to look at is the solid mat.

These can come in wood, bamboo, raffia or jute. The downside of these bath mats is that they have no absorbent properties, but many people prefer the feel of the natural materials on their feet. Another thing to consider when purchasing this type of mat is that their life span might be reduced due to the moisture and heat that are often present in the bathroom.

It is a good idea to lift this type of bath mat regularly and dry it thoroughly outside in natural sunlight. Bath mats are one of those commodities you either love or loathe, however, when stepping out of the bath or shower the excess water needs to be dealt with otherwise you increase the risk of slipping. Furthermore, if you have carpet in your bathroom without a bath mat it will become wet and mouldy surprisingly quickly

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