Everything you need to know about anti-slip matting

Anti-slip matting is designed to be used wherever the possibility of slipping creates a health and safety issue and this can be virtually anywhere in your home or workplace. You probably walk on anti-slip matting several times every day and don’t even notice.

Why is it needed?

Anti-slip matting was designed initially for use in workplace areas such as workshops or places where oil or water might create a risk of a slip or fall. These days anti-slip matting can be found in a variety of places from swimming pools, bars and restaurants to playgrounds and also your home. It can come as a solid roll or have drainage holes depending on where it is to be situated.
Black Rubber Anit-Slip Matting

What is it made of?

Most anti-slip matting is made from a rubber or PVC base and can come in a variety of grades and this obviously will affect the price. Rubber has a natural anti-slip quality and PVC matting has been designed to imitate this. The stronger and more durable the matting then the higher the price will be. Other factors that can affect the price of your ant-slip matting will be whether or not it is water resistant, rot resistant and also the type and length of your guarantee.

Anti-slip matting for the home

Anti-slip matting for use in the home is generally a soft rubber construction and is designed for use in areas of high footfall like the kitchen, hallway or utility room. Most anti-slip matting is available in basic colours of black, green, cream or grey. Generally anti-slip matting is made in long lengths rather like hall runners and you just buy the length that you require and lay it easily, as necessary. Alternatively it can be found as floor tiles and these can be laid as and when you need them.

Thick Pile White Rug On Hardwood Floor

Anti-slip matting in the home is usually of a lighter quality with a soft spongy finish that will provide a nice ‘give’ when walked upon. It can be easily installed in almost any area of the home, but generally areas where the possibility of slipping are greatest are the bathroom, kitchen and utility room.

More durable matting can be laid in workshops or garages where a sturdier type of matting may well be needed. You may already have some form of anti-slip matting in or around your home, possibly as mats in your car, bathroom or outside your front door. There is also a type of anti-slip mat that can be affixed to the underside of your rugs or carpets to stop them from migrating across your polished or laminate floor.

Traditional Style Rug On Hardwood Floor In The Hallway By Wooden Staircase

This means that you will get the benefit of anti-slip whilst still being able to keep your original carpets and rugs. When considering the purchase of your anti-slip matting consider first where you want or need to use it. Rubber or PVC will last a considerable time if looked after properly and having anti-slip matting in your home will not only keep your rugs in place it will also help reduce the possibility of slips and trips. 

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