Choosing a rug for a hallway: a great way to make an entrance

Have you ever walked into a friends hallway and thought how warm and welcoming it felt or perhaps just the opposite, the feeling you got was cold and uninviting. Well believe it or not the very same hallway can give off very different ‘vibes’ depending on the décor that has been chosen.

Most people understand the connection between colours and moods and how subtle uses of shading and lighting can enhance your chosen theme, bringing life and light to dark corners and adding warmth and a feeling of comfort to your home. All these things can make a difference to the welcome your guests have and also to the feeling you get when you get home from work or from fighting your way around the shops.

Traditional Rug In A Classy Hallway, Next To A Wooden Staircase

Colour scheme and rug choices

So you have your colour scheme in place and your lighting is perfect but something is lacking, well take a look at that old threadbare carpet that you forgot to take into consideration. All your hard work has been wasted because of the shabby flooring. Right then let’s sort the problem, time to get out there and choose a rug that is going to finish off your entrance and give you that welcome feeling every time you open your front door.

That feeling that makes you smile with appreciation. Before you start make a few notes about the size and shape of your hallway so that you don’t make the mistake of buying a rug that it either far too small or narrow or far too big. If your hall is long and narrow then there is no point in looking at round or oval rugs.

Woman Feeling The Side Of A Rolled Rug That Is Standing Upright

Next look at your colour scheme and try to visualise what sort of look you need for your rug. Do you want a matching style or a contrast in colour style or shade. Remember you are looking for that ‘wow’ that gives your entrance your personal touch.

There is a huge choice of rugs available and it might be a good idea to have a quiet look online at all the various designs and styles before you make your mind up as the rug you choose may be costly and a mistake can be very disappointing. There are lots of online shops that will give you advice and information before you make a purchase so put these to good use.

Rug Usage and Durability

When buying a rug for a hallway you need to take into account the day to day footfall. This means the amount of people who will walk on your rug and how often. It makes good sense to buy a rug that is hard wearing and durable and at this point it might be wise to consider cost. Yes it might be nice to have a wonderful hand woven silk rug as your ‘wow’ factor but just take a moment to consider how you might feel if subsequently a friend or guest wiped muddy boots on it or spilled something?

White Thick Pile Rug On Dark hardwood Floor

If that would be a ‘deal breaker’ then perhaps it might be a better option to go for a more commercially made rug that whilst giving you the entrance you want will also give you a little peace of mind with regards cleaning and longevity.

Yes hand made rugs can be considered an investment but not if they are going to become damaged and worn. Cleaning some rugs is a specialist job and can be costly. Also consider the sun damage that you might get if you have a glass front door, moving or repositioning your rug might not be an easy option.

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