Should I Choose a Modern or More Traditional Rug?

Today there are rugs for bathrooms, kitchens living rooms and bedrooms. The humble rug has become a vital part of today's interior home décor and is used extensively by interior designers to add a finishing touch to almost every room in the house. For this reason the rug can now be found in a multitude of shapes, colours and sizes, so that whatever your decorating needs the rug to fit your room is available.

Before choosing your new rug there a number of things to consider and it pays to take a little time to do some research before you buy. A rug can be a very costly investment and, a good quality rug will last a lifetime or longer so that if you should choose wrongly then you may regret it for a very long time. Indeed cost is probably one of the most important factors that influence people's choices today.

When choosing your rug you must first consider what it is you want your rug to do for your room, in other words what effect do you want to create with the addition of your rug. If you are looking to make a statement where your rug will be the focal point of your room then you must choose one that has a big visual impact and draws the eye automatically towards it. A rug like this would probably need to be quite large, as a too small rug can look lost and understated and the visual effect you are trying to create will be lost.

If you want to create a big visual impact then probably a more modern rug would be your best choice as they generally come in brighter colours and more dramatic patterns. They can be made form a huge variety of materials from natural fibres like wool or silk to man-made fibres including polyester and rayon. Today the modern man-made fibres are far superior to those that were in use years ago, and modern weaving techniques can give you a very good quality rug at a fraction of the cost of a more traditionally hand-made rug.

However, if you are looking for a more understated elegance then perhaps a traditional pattern would be more suitable. Traditional rugs generally use more muted colours and the designs, although extremely intricate, have patterns which are based on ancient designs. These traditional patterns work well in rooms where a quiet, subdued elegance is required.

Traditional hand-made rugs are usually manufactured from sheep or goat wool but can also be made from silk. If these rugs are made in Persia, Tibet or China than you are going to be making a serious monetary investment if you choose to buy one, although a rug of this quality will, with proper care, last for many years and indeed their value often increases with age as many consider the patina that they acquire only adds to their value. These rugs will be hand-crafted using traditional methods used for many hundreds of years to ancient patterns that have been passed down through families for centuries and the huge amount of knowledge, skill and time taken during construction will all add to the final cost.

Of course there are man-made fibres that imitate the look and feel of these traditional rugs and these can be purchased at a fraction of the cost, so that if this is the style you want but the cost is too prohibitive then replicas would be a good option for you.

Before you make your final decision take a little time to study your existing décor as this will give you an idea of your own personal tastes. If your room is quietly elegant the addition of a bright, colourful or loud rug with a bold modern design may well detract from your ambience. If on the other hand your room is light, bright and colourful then the addition of a distinct statement rug will add beautifully to the mix. Be careful not to bring too much pattern or colour into a room as this can create a visual effect that can be too busy and tiring to the eye.

With the fabulous array of rugs available, from traditional to contemporary, there is a style to compliment the style of your home and decorating motif beautifully.

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