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Can I get matching rugs in different sizes?

The easy answer to this is a resounding ‘yes’. Of course it will depend on the type of rug you are purchasing. Some rugs, for example handmade rugs, are all unique and individual because of the way that they are made so if this is what you are looking to buy then although you will be able to match your rugs they will not be identical. This is because when the rugs are constructed there are slight flaws within the materials and also possible ‘mistakes’ made by the person making the rug.

This is considered to enhance the value of a hand made rug and if you consider that a standard sized hand made rug can take more than two years to make then you can see why they cost so much more than a rug made on a mechanical loom.

Rugs and available sizes

That said if your budget does not run to expensive hand made rugs then you are probably looking at something more commercially made. For the most part rugs can be matched exactly, the same colours and designs will be manufactured in a variety of sizes from large floor space covering rugs to small door rugs or mats.

Some larger rugs might have smaller sizes that match exactly or you might have to opt for a similar colour or style where the exact match is not possible. Sometimes it can add more depth to your room if you have slight variations through your rugs in this way. Consider perhaps matching just a colour or picking out a pattern where your choice is not available in more than one size, this will give your room a matching feel without the need for an actual exact match. Play around with colours and patterns to create a look that you are happy with.

Custom made rug designs

If you are unable to find exactly what you want anywhere then you could consider trying one of the manufacturers who will make your rugs to order. Although these are not hand made they are custom made to your design and so will be more expensive than ordinary shop bought rugs. In this way you can achieve an exact match to all the rugs throughout your home regardless of size and shape. Consider too that if you have a beautiful staircase or hallway then you can match this in to your design and this can give the illusion of a grand sweeping entrance or hall.

It is also possible to get rugs in sisal or jute so that there is no need to worry about matching colours or shades. You might also consider matching rugs to your wallpaper or curtains if you want a completely coordinated look, although be careful here as too much matching can become a distraction and take away from your décor rather than add to it.

All in all if you choose carefully and don’t overdo the overall pattern a chic coordinated look can be easily achieved.

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