The Benefits of Using a Rug to Protect Carpets with Lots of Foot Traffic

There are always going to be those areas of your home where wear and tear from foot fall is more of a problem than normal. Places like hallways, passage ways or kitchens where people regularly walk around a lot more than in perhaps the lounge or bedroom. In these problem areas you may well find that your carpets become worn much more quickly and it might be a good idea to use a secondary rug to give added protection in these heavy wear areas.

Placing door mats inside all doors, using kitchen rugs and runners in passage ways are all excellent additions that will give extra protection to your carpet. We are all aware of how costly fitting a new carpet can be and the last thing we need is for our beautiful new carpet to become quickly worn or stained with the extra heavy footfall in high risk areas.

If you have wall-to-wall fitted carpets throughout your home then it is a simple fact that some areas will become worn faster than others. If your fitted carpet runs right up to the front door where muddy shoes are going to be walking through fairly regularly, or perhaps if you have children or pets that will be running in and out and carrying dirt and debris into your home and onto your carpets then these are the areas to consider.

Keeping your carpet clean is a must as dust and dirt can quickly become ingrained, and this in turn will damage the fibres of your carpet and cause increased deterioration. The dust that your carpet absorbs can then become a problem throughout the home causing allergies and leaving your home looking dull and dingy. A good hoover on a regular basis and an occasional deep clean are all good ways to keep your carpets looking clean and fresh, however, this can in turn cause wear and tear to the fibres of the carpet. One answer is to avoid having to do this too often by covering susceptible areas with rugs as these will have the additional benefit of being moveable for cleaning.

Try to choose good quality rugs that you can lift occasionally and take outside, this will allow you to give them a good shake to remove additional dust and dirt. Specialist cleaning of your rugs might seem expensive, but when compared to replacing your whole carpet it is a much better and cheaper option.

It is possible to purchase rugs for almost every area of the home that have been treated with stain resistors and colour protectors, these in turn will extend the life of your rug and give added value for money.

It might be an option to go for natural materials such as hemp, jute or Hessian for your rugs as these are reasonably inexpensive and large areas can be covered at minimal cost. These materials are also extremely hard wearing and easy to clean. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes that can fit almost any area easily. This style can also bring a new dimension to your décor with their added textures and natural colours.

If you are layering rugs onto your carpets then try to choose styles, colours and designs that compliment your existing décor. It is a good idea to look for a definite pattern or colour within your existing scheme and carry it through your rugs bringing a coordinated stylish look to your room. This could be a piece of furniture, curtains or blinds or even a favourite cushions. If you have a pattern or colour that is the centre of your style then choose your rugs within this range to keep your look coordinated and harmonised.

Dining rooms and kitchens can also benefit from the addition of rugs as this will not only protect your main carpet but can also bring a new dimension to your room by giving a structured, stylish look. Try laying runners around the room in matching colours to give an illusion of space, whilst a large statement rug beneath the table will draw the whole ensemble together effortlessly.

Never underestimate the versatility and practicalities of using rugs to help protect your carpets, especially in high foot fall areas.

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