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Are rug designs timeless or do they follow certain trends?

The answer to this is a little complicated because both things are true. Just browse around any high street store or take a glance at some online shops and you will see that there are a huge variety of rugs to choose from.

The history of rugs

The history of the rug is a long one and rugs made from animal hides were used very many years ago by men living in caves. The rug was used for sitting or sleeping on, and a good hide rug was considered to be very valuable and was passed down through the family. The oldest known rug belonged to the king of Persia in around 550BC and was made from wool, gold and silk with precious stones intricately woven into the fabric.

As time passed the rug developed and when nomadic sheep herders wanted a use for their wool the art of rug weaving came about. Over time the weaving became more intricate and the rug as we know it today evolved. Rugs were used in castles and manor housed across Europe not only on floors for colour and warmth but also as wall hangings to keep out draughts.

Modern rug design and choices

Today the choices of rugs available is enormous and machine manufacturing has made the rug cheaper and more accessible so that almost every household will have at least one rug. Depending on what your personal choice is there will be a rug to suit you. From classic designs that have stayed popular for years to newer ‘trendier’ styles.

As in all things there is a fashion, and a look that is current and here you will find the newer designs that are made to compliment whatever interior design style is ‘in’ at that moment in time. This might be a certain type of pattern or a certain colour-way.

In the seventies bold zigzag patterns and bright colours were the theme of the day and almost every home had at least one such rug. Later on animal prints were popular and colour block designs where bright and clashing colours were used to create a stylish contemporary design. Many of these looks have remained and become classics in their own right and a resurgence of the retro look in recent years has made them extremely popular again.

Against these more modern rugs you will find the classic designs of rug that are virtually timeless. We have all seen the gorgeous rugs and carpets that are still hand made in traditional ways to the same patterns that have been used for hundreds of years. These classic styles and colour combinations are timeless and will almost always ‘fit’ into any traditional or modern home easily.

Cheaper machine made rugs are available in an enormous array of designs and colours from a colourful patterned hearth rug to an animal print bedroom statement rug or a Disney themed rug for a children’s room. Whether your taste rugs, from floral designs or bold zigzags, there are sizes, colour-ways and designs that will suit your decorating style and needs.

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