Adele Shotton-Pugh

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

I am the in-house interior designer at Terrys Fabrics, as well as being a style and design writer and overseeing Pinterest and social media. Within the business I am passionate about my expertise in how to use Terrys Fabrics products. I have a keen interest in sewing and have worked directly with Terrys Fabrics customers in store. You can find my latest on trend or new products article on our blog.

My experience working with customers means I am able to offer the best advice on measuring and fitting curtains and blinds as well as how to use fabrics to make window dressings. I enjoy being creative in all aspects of my life; in my spare time, I like to sew, bake and do home craft projects when I'm not spending time with family and my cat.

I embrace all styles, modern and traditional, and am passionate about fabric and the many different ways to use it. This is something that is reflected in my own style. I love colour and texture, so in terms of fabric there’s very little I don’t like. I love nothing more than the challenge of a bare, bland window and the creative possibilities it presents.

To me, it’s what you do at you do at your windows that pull’s a finished look together and can make or break a room. I believe that windows are the most important and exciting part of interior design because they are the source of light without which rooms would have no character or function. Capturing, enhancing and manipulating that light by dressing windows with expedient textures, is therefore vital to the finished ambience of any room.