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You'll be blown away by these ingenious storage solutions

The adage "you can never have enough storage" is true no matter what type, shape or size of home you live in. However, there's run-of-the-mill storage solutions and there's ingenious ones that will quite simply blow you away; so much so that you'll want them in your home.

Bathtub storage solution

Cipriani Charles Designs

An easy, yet effective, storage solution for bathrooms hidden behind the panels of the bath.

Pulley storage system

Ameri First

A simple pulley system operates these pretty storage baskets in a child's bedroom.

Under stair storage solution

Ikea Decoration

Rather than under the stairs, this ingenious storage is each tread of the stairs.

Pots and pans undercounter storage


Storing pots and pans can be a real headache; this ingenious storage solution is simple yet very effective.

Under floor storage

Hidden Storage

A raised floor makes the ideal place to use as hidden storage.

Headboard hidden storage

Home My Design

You can even use your headboard as a place for hidden storage.

Wood shelf with hidden draw


An ultra-thin wooden shelf contains a hidden draw.

Hollow chair bookshelf

Lush Home

Lego have come up with their own storage solution for their bricks.

Modern bedroom storage

Driven By Decor

Alternatively use a storage bag that doubles up as a play mat to keep small toys, like Lego, all in one place.

Cushioned chair storage solution

Funky Furniture Designs

A train track suspended from the ceiling is one way to free-up floor space – not sure how you'd actually play with it though.

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