You are the Key to Cohesion in Your Home

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

Very rarely is a home decorated in one go. Financial and time restrictions mean that completing all of the rooms in your home to standard with which you are happy with is usually a long and organic process, carried out over extended period of a few years. We each have our own priorities which will determine the order in which each room is tackled.

For some it is the rooms where guests will be entertained, for others it’s the children’s bedrooms. As home style is now so fickle and rapidly changing, what this drawn out method often leads to is a disjointed household with no continuous theme or flow. One room may be minimal and the next have a Moroccan feel. The problem with this is it means you will never actually finish your home as by the time you have finished the last room, your first room is no longer to your taste. It can also cause homes to feel small and cramped due to the chaotic stop/start nature of the décor.

The way to achieving a home that has a harmonious and holistic mood is to ignore temporary fads and listen to your own feelings. Contemporary styles will come and go and if you try to keep up your work will never be done- that is the very point of changing trends- to keep you buying! But if you instead come to a clear understanding of what style YOU love and rather than the man on T.V. loves you will create a room that will not only last but, will have the ability to adapt as your tastes develop and refine- a space that is part of your very fabric.

If you have really remained true to yourself whilst designing your first room then the hard work is done- you have ensured that the rest of your home will coordinate perfectly whether it is completed in the next month or the next ten years. How? Simple, when it comes to room number two you do not look in magazines for tips or inspiration, you do not browse designer shops or collect brochures and catalogues, in fact, you do not even venture outside your own house- all the inspiration you need can be found in that first room.

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