Year Round Guest Rooms

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

If you enjoy playing the host from time to time, for family, friends or the in-laws (gulp), then a guest room is probably high on your list of DIY priorities. A comfortable and private space that guests can retreat to for the evening is essential in ensuring a good time for all. The trick to creating a guest room that appeals to all and meets the needs of everybody is by designing a space that is both comfortable and flexible. A room that can change from well equipped office to inviting boudoir in seconds will not only mean your guests are fully catered for, but also that it is a room that does not go to waste when guests aren’t staying over. The following ten tips demonstrate just how easy it is to create such a room.

1. Rather than a bulky, space eating double bed look for a comfortable sofa bed with clean minimal lines that won’t leave the room feeling cluttered. Scatter a few cushions for a homely, well presented finish.

2. Choose soft or neutral colors for the walls and décor. This will make it much easier for the room to take on different uses. Lavender, lemon, cornflower blue and pale green are all perfect as introduce subtle colour into a room without overpowering the space.

3. Add interest to the room by spreading a bright accent colour around the room in the shape of curtains, a blind, fabrics and soft furnishings. Making sure these items match will improve the harmony in the room, making it feel calmer and appear larger.

4. Imagine the room is a hotel room. Try to think of all of the things that you would need to spend a few hours in there. Having an alarm clock on the nightstand is a nice touch along with providing a radio in the room so your guest can enjoy some music before going to sleep or when waking up. A small television set would also be appreciated. Including these items means the space is very usable to anyone who lives in the house full time.

5. It is important that you have plenty of drawer space available so if there is enough room you should add a matching chest of drawers and dresser for your guest to use.

6. If possible, include an internet port when wiring up the electrical sockets and leave counter space free of knick knacks so that there is room for a laptop or papers. Your guests will then be able to catch up on some work, if it is an extended stay and you will have a comfortable home office space.

7. Place a nice comfortable chair in the guest room where they can sit back and relax for awhile or enjoy reading a book.

8. Having adequate lighting is very important, it should be both functional and ambient so. A desk lamp that brightly illuminates the whole counter space is essential for studying. For relaxing, you may want to include some low lighting in the shape of a floor standing orb or have the ceiling spotlights work with a dimmer switch.

9. In terms of flooring, it is best to opt for something comfortable but hard wearing such as a wooden floor covered by a simple rug. This will enable you to throw the rug into the washing machine after your guests have left, ensuring your guest room looks its best at all times- you never know who is going to call.

10. It is best to keep personal photographs in your own bedroom. When guests come to stay they should feel like the room belongs to them for the entirety of their stay. Reminders that it is not their home will not help them to relax.

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