Wrap Up This Winter with a Cosy and Comfortable Living Room

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

As Christmas fast approaches and the cold evenings draw in the interiors of your home become increasingly important and influential in effecting your mood. In particular, your living room acts as the central point of the house for family members to congregate, relax and be entertained. This article will take you through some simple ways to create a warm and cosy atmosphere in the living room to welcome people to the space and act as a well appreciated sanctuary from the cold conditions outside.

Get Natural

A very easy, modest and effective way to add some warmth in to your living room is to introduce natural colours and textures. Consider soft oatmeal chenille throws, fake fur rugs, woollen scatter cushions, chunky wooden coffee tables and soft suede curtains. The tactile properties of such objects will subconsciously encourage people to want to be absorbed in to the space, to touch the various textures and ultimately snuggle in to the fabrics. Furthermore, the matt properties of these types of materials reduce the ‘glitz’ effect and again add to the cosy atmosphere. Don’t be scared to combine various textures and experiment with different objects to create a design that appeals to you. Furthermore, consider adding splashes of brighter warm colours that complement the neutral shades used elsewhere such as burnt umber, burgundy or crimson.

Create a Glow

As touched upon, the lighting design within the room is highly influential in contributing to the cosy atmosphere. Although the light needs to be soft and almost romantic, it does not necessarily have to be dark. Consider using an ornate wrought iron chandelier over the coffee table to illuminate the area and bring focus to the room. Team with this some coordinating lamps, picture lights and candles to add light to the peripheral areas whilst softening the sharp edges of the space. If possible, it is ideal if a dimmer switch can be added to any main lighting appliances so the mood can be adjusted during day or summer times.

Time to Titivate

To create a truly fulfilling space and add that extra layer of sumptuous comfort it is important to take time to add the final touches to your design. Inline with the other elements of the room choose tactile and natural accessories such as pebbles, dried stick bundles, pine cones, hand blown glass vases or chunky wooden mirrors. Add a further level of sensuousness by including incense, candles or flowers with warm cinnamon fragrances. Finally consider adding extra details to your cushions, curtains and other soft furnishings such as large chunky buttons, cord or toggles. These small additions ensure that the space is as equally interesting when you first enter the room to when you have sat and absorbed the atmosphere over time.

These quick and simple additions to your living space are an immediate and highly effective method of creating warmth and comfort in your living room. The key benefit with this method is that these elements are all relatively small and can be easily removed or changed in the warmer summer months when a lighter, brighter atmosphere is desired. If the key elements in the room such as wall coverings and furniture are neutral this seasonal changeover can work extremely well and in fact result in your design schemes lasting for much longer periods than they would do if used throughout the entire year.

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